It comes as a surprise to everyone, that after Talant Dujshebaev did not accepted the coaching position in Vardar Skopje, the new owner chose a very inexperienced and not well known expert in the coaching world Oleg Kuleshov to lead this team to a new title in the national competition and in the next round in the Champions League.
After retiring as an active handball player, Kuleshov worked as a head coach of HF Springe, which competes in the third regional Bundesliga, after which he took over the Russian national team from Vladimir Maksimov. During his coaching of the Russian national team, which counts three Vardar players, they do not have any significant results in the handball world yet.
Oleg_KuleshovThe only logical explanation for resignation of the head-coach Zoran Kastratovic, was bringing an A-list coach which could be able to stand up to his rival in the home national league, the legendary Lino Cervar. But Oleg Kuleshov is far from that list for now and his signing as a head coach of Vardar will be a very risky move. It was expected that Talant Dujshebaev or even Veselin Vujovic could fill the empty spot, and could reason with the decision of the Russian owner but bringing Kuleshov is compliantly different story, very interesting and courageous move.
Will Kuleshov get a chance to prove to the Vardar fans and management that he is a rising star in the coaching world?