The third round of the League ASOBAL has left a balance of five home wins, one away and two draws. Indeed, the team that has achieved the victory in away game – Fraikin BM Granollers – is one of the two who remain unbeaten after defeating the opponents in the first three rounds of the competition and makes it level with FC Barcelona who also has won every game they played.  Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto, WB Aragon and the Villa de Aranda Top Bank have earned their  points. The first two have done it with wins at home and the third with a tie with GolbalCaja Basin.  CD. Bidasoa Zaragoza lost in a close game.  Along the Basque, there are only two other teams who do not know for victory, Angel Ximenez Puente Genil and the Villa de Aranda Top Ribera. This week will be played two starting on Wednesday.

Wednesday at 20:30, FC Barcelona will play against BM Guadalajara in the fourth round of the Asobal. Pascual, at the usual press conference  before the match, praised the opponent and has especially highlighted the defensive level of Spanish

Best defense in the league

The BM Guadalajara is the best defense Asobal with 64 goals scored. “After showing very solid, they are doing a very good defense and we must remember that the two losses were by just one goal, Guadalajara is one dangerous team “.

After the two losses to the minimum of Guadalajara against  Huesca and Gijon, the Paschal said this: “This is a team in construction period. Guadalajara has changed a lot of players last season, have been major players in previous years as Asobal Victor Vigo Kike Plaza, as well as Brazilian players have joined. ”

Regarding the domination of the club in Asobal, Pascual has been strong again in his response: “Everyone assumes that win and we still have not gained and much to win it.There is an atmosphere like we have already won the league on 15 October, and this is not so. We should be careful, patient and do our job and think about tomorrow’s game, “the coach ended FC Barcelona handball.

The Czech Mihalis Kasal is new to the squad for the game on Wednesday in Guadalajara. Kasal plays right back has 207 cm and this is the second season at the club, which combines training and matches with the second team and some with the first team training sessions.

David Balaguer also enters the list and rest Ariño and Saubich.

Wednesday 02.10.2013

19:00 Bidasoa Irún – Cuatro Rayas Valladolid

20:30 BM. Guadalajara – FC. Barcelona 

20:30 Villa de Aranda Top Ribera – Naturhouse La Rioja

20:30 Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil – BM. Huesca

20:30 Fraikin BM. Granollers – Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto

20:30 Helvetia Anaitasuna – Juanfersa Grupo Fegar

20:45 Reale Ademar León – GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada

20:45 Frigoríficos Morrazo – BM. Aragón