Group C

HC Vardar – Skopje 18 : 26 HC Metalurg

A great atmosphere, winning streak and home court advantage was not a guarantee for the Macedonian champion Vardar to finalize their Final 16 spot. Оnly one half was enough for Rade Mijatovic to give the advantage to Metalurg in trying to repeat the historical success of last year in the Champions League . Montenegrin had a ten interventions in the second half and gave his team wings to make a full turn and won big two points, which now widely opened the doors for Metalurg, on the way to the Top 16 stage.


It started good for the hosts, they were in the lead with 2-3 goals difference throughout the first half which finished 12-10 for Vardar. On the half-time break, the great strategist Cervar was making plans for a surprise. Just one week after they lost against Vardar with five goals difference, Metalurg played a perfect half, the defence and a great goalkeeper Mijatovic, let Vardar score only 6 goals for 30 minutes which was crucial for Metalurg’s victory. An individual passes from Mojsovski and 9 meter long shots from Vugrinec were the missing ingredient from the last match, but this time they led the attack against the weak defence of the home team, it was obvious that there is no quality replacement for Vardar’s missing link, Rastvorcev.


In the end, after round 6, Metalurg has good chances to fight for the second place, and Vardar has to win both home games against Wacker Thun and Dinamo Minsk if they want to advance to the next stage.


Rade Mijatovic, goalkeeper, Metalurg:

“I want to thank the audience for fantastic atmosphere, and the opponent for the correct game. Our fans were in a minority , but they have done their best to give us support and we’re really grateful for that. As for the match , we went  without any burden unlike than the first meeting , we showed our true face and now to everyone, it is clear that Metalurg must not be written off . The last derby we lacked enthusiasm and desire to win , this time we were at the required level . I must mention that Darko Stanic set high standards as far as goalies in Metalurg , and my party is a result that I want to impose so strong in a competition . I’m glad I had an important contribution to this victory “

Lino Chervar was unusually short in a statement , congratulating them on their good play handball .

“I want to congratulate my team  for the great victory. We played great game in offense and defense. I want to congratulate Vardar players for the  correct game, this was handball setting in which in the end we celebrated victory . I want to thank my players for a good game of discipline and deserved triumph “

Vardar strategist , Andon Boskovski said:

“Maybe I’ll reiterate a press conference ten days ago when I said that when the goalkeeper is in top form then  it is easy to win. Congratulations to Mijatovic for excellent game and deserved win for Metalurg. And I said before the game that the odds of winning are 50-50 , and this opposition rejoiced and we still continue to work hard, in the next game we will attack the points that we need to rank in the next stage “

Strahinja Milic, Vardar’s goalkeeper:

“Firstly congratulations for the excellent Metalurg issue,above all to Rade Mijatovic . He conceded just two goals in 18 minutes and turned the match in favor of the opponent and then the match was determined . I want to thank our fans “Komiti” for the excellent support, let them continue to come in this number because we need their support. Greetings to ” pirates ” Godspeed to them “

HC Vardar – HC Metallurg 18:26  (12:10)

“Boris Trajkovski” Arena, Skopje


Referees: Lars Gipel and Markus Helbig (GER) Delegate: Klaus Dieter Convents (BEL) and Josip Posavec (CRO).

HC Vardar: Angelov, Milic (11 saves); Abutovic 2, Brumen 2, Chipurin, Dibirov 5, Dushebaev 2, 2 Karachic, Lazarov Markovic, Petric 2, Pribak 1, Rakovic 2, S.Stoilov, M.Stoilov, Toskic.

Coach: Andon Boškovski

HC Metallurg: Stanic (2 saves), Mijatovic (11 saves); Athman 4, Corovic, Dimovski 1, 3 Georgievski, Jonovski, Kedzo, Manaskov, Markovski, Mirkulovski, N.Mojsovski 8, Z. Mojsovski, Ojlevski 2, Peshevski, Vugrinec 8 .

Coaching: Lino Chervar

7-meters: HC Vardar 2/3 , HC Metallurg 5/6

Exclusions: HC Vardar 8 minutes , 6 minutes Metallurg HC

Group D

SG Flensburg-Handewitt 27 : 24 HSV Hamburg

With a strong sprint finish, the SG Flensburg-Handewitt beat HSV Hamburg with 27:24 (11:13) and preserved that small chance of overall victory in Group D of the VELUX EHF Champions League. The struggle to win the group will be exciting, because now again is just a point between the two teams from northern Germany.

RTEmagicC_hsv2-kreis.jpgIt was again the hamburgers that put the first accents. But this time, they provided no cushion. In the Flensburg arena the team of Martin Schwalb, was ran aground without Stefan Schröder (gastritis) and Zarko Markovic (shoulder strain). However, certain errors on both sides of the initial phase. Over half of the HSV came but went to the break with 13:11. In the second pass, the Hamburg had the game under control, went with five-goal lead. In the final minutes, however, rarely reach the successful signing and Flensburg came back into the game. After the red card against Hans Lindberg (51) of the hosts sensed then final morning air. The HSV was no longer able to resist to the urge of Flensburg. Best launcher at HSV Handball was Petar Djordjic with eight goals. In the home team Anders Eggert scored nine goals.


Ljubomir Vranjes (SG Flensburg-Handewitt coach):

“I’m happy with the two points. At the beginning we played a very good defense, but in attack we had difficulties. Our campaign was marked by hectic. Of course Marcus Cleverly has held up well, but I was not satisfied with the first half. We then had two line players tactics because Weinhold was pretty tired and Glandorf had to cancel this morning (gastrointestinal infections). In the second half, HSV has dominated the game, with even led with five goals. After my break we have had the courage against the HSV-defense and fought back. The crowd was great again today. “

Martin Schwalb (HSV Handball coach):

“Congratulations to the SG. Finally, the defeat was deserved. We have done in the first 45 minutes, a very good game. In attack we have operated a little Youth Research. The guys did their job very well after a nervous start. In the final quarter of an hour, we could no longer exert the pressure that we wanted. With me today two hearts beat in the chest. On the one hand the guys have left a good impression about the future of the HSV Handball. On the other hand, I’m annoyed but I know that they have not been rewarded today. “

SG Flensburg-Handewitt – HSV Hamburg 27:24 (11:13)
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (6 saves), Rasmussen (10/1 saves, from 31) – Karlsson, Nenadic (2), Eggert (9/6), Mogensen (4) Svan (2) Weinhold (6), Heinl (3), Gustafsson, Gottfridsson, Knudsen (1)
HSV Hamburg: Cleverly (12 saves), Herrmann -Flohr (1), Lindberg (4/2), Nilsson, Mahé (4), Dominikovic, Canellas, Toft Hansen (3), Pfahl (3), Djordjic (8), Jansen (1)
Referee: Dentz / Reibel (France),
2-minutes penalties: 6:6 minutes (Nenadic 2, Heinl 2, Gottfridsson 2 – Toft Hansen 2, Mahé, Lindberg 2)
Red Card: Lindberg (51, serious foul play)
Seven-meter: 6/6: 3/2 (Mahé fails at Rasmussen )
Attendance: 4057