HC Metalurg 27:27 HC Zagreb CO (13-15)

In the match from the third round of SEHA league, Metalurg and Zagreb got one point each from Skopje.

It started pretty equally, Stepancic opened the game and gave the initial advantage to the guests, but Vugrinec quickly settled the score, and for 10 minutes the game was tied. Metalurg’s middle back, Pavel Atman, with three goals in a row, one from penalty and two long distance shots, took his team to save three goals distance, and with the goal of Manaskov from fast break it was 8-4 in 15th minute. Young Zagreb players made same rookie mistakes but bravely went into every duel. But then Metalurg attack stopped, a series of mistakes and the two goals by Shandrk announced what would happen next. Zagreb tied the score with goal from Matulic, but Metalurg did not gave up, and Vugrinec took his team in the lead again in 24th minute. Young Zagreb players were eager to win and prove themselves, especially without their star players Stepancic and Mandalinic, on the court, in 28th minute Shebetic scored for Zagreb’s first lead of 13-14, which Matulic increased for the first-half final score 13-15, and a lot of work for Lino Cervar on the break.

The second half started with another score from Shandrk for Zagreb’s first and last three goals lead 13-16. The experienced team of Metalurg soon after retaliated with two goals from Georgievski and one from Naumce Mojsovski for another tie 16-16 in 37th minute. Both team were in a lead thanks to few saves from their goalkeepers, but no team led with more than two goals. In the final minutes before the end-whistle, Metalurg veteran, Renato Vugrinec scored from the 7-meter line for 27-26 for his team. Zagreb team scored from every position but were not very successful on the line,  Metalurg defense was very concentrated on the line player and with a few stolen balls, failed passes on the 6 meters line, Metalurg with easy fast break goals kept their chances for the final win. In the last minute the hosts had the final attack for two goals lead and a victory but they made a mistake, and enabled Zagreb to go home with one point through the fast break in the last seconds  by Josip Valcic, who scored for the final 27-27,  in the last 5 seconds of the game, Pavel Atman had a great chance to save the points from Zagreb but his attempt with great pass through on the 6 meters line was few centimeters off, and ended in the post.
Shebetic from Zagreb CO scored the most goals with 8 goals, and Atman scored 6 for Metalurg.

Zagreb CO is in the lead in SEHA with 31 point, before Tatran Presov and Vardar, Metalurgis on the fourth position trailing by 12 poits behind the leader  with two games less.

Post match:

Aleksandar Petrovski, Metalurg’s assistant coach:

 We were trying to explain players that the game will be difficult although we’ve managed to win in Zagreb last week. We were impatient in attack. We had chance in our hands, an attack in last minutesand then a chance to score in the last seconds. Luck was not on our side tonight. I hope we’ll meetonce more on Final Four tournament in April next year. We have to be satisfied with these four points from two matches.

Filip Mirkulovski, Metalurg’s player:

Congratulations to the opponent who played better, and was different than a week ago. We did not repeat performance from the game in Zagreb. As teams we can be satisfied with the point. We have lost too my home-match point and we have to improve in that area in order to see the Final Four.

 Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb’s coach:

 I congratulate my guys for a deserved point. This was a great point after loss last week at home. We were fighting whole game, and maybe had a little more luck in the end. We’ve played without pressure,showed that we can play a good match. I believe this is the fairest result.

Josip Sandrk, CO Zagreb’s player:

This was our most mature game so far this season . We’ve had no pressure in the game. I believe we can show even more in the second part of the season.

Metalurg : Darko Stanić (7/32 0/1 saves) , Nikola Mitrevski (2/4 1/3 saves); Goce Ojleski 2/3, Vančo Dimovski 2/3,  Dejan Pecakovski, Renato Vugrinec 4/8, Goce Georgievski 5/7, Dejan Manaskov 2/3, Filip Mirkulovski 1/3, Velko Markoski, Zlatko Mojsoski,  Nikola Markoski 2/3, Naumče Mojsovski 4/6, Pavel Atman 6/10, Nikola Kedžo, Aco Jonovski 0/1

CO Zagreb: Ivan Stevanović(10/25, 0/2 saves), Filip Ivić (3/15 1/2); Lovro Mihić 2/2, Luka Stepančić 2/2, Jerko Matulić 3/3, Lovro Šprem 2/2, Teo Čorić, Luka Šebetić 7/8, Zlatko Horvat 1/4, Leon Šušnja, Josip Šandrk 5/11, Josip Valčić 1/6, Tonči Valčić 1/1, Stipe Mandalinić, Sandro Obranović 3/4, Ante Kaleb

Arena: SC Boris Trajkovski, Skopje

Referees: Nenad Nikolic and Dušan Stojkovic


Standings Games W D L GD Pts
1. CO Zagreb 13 10 1 2 418 : 353 31
2. Tatran Prešov 12 10 0 2 420 : 339 30
3. Vardar 11 8 1 2 331 : 286 25
4. Metalurg 10 5 4 1 261 : 245 19
5. Meshkov Brest 10 6 0 4 264 : 251 18
6. Vojvodina 11 4 0 7 278 : 298 12
7. Nexe 12 3 2 7 337 : 352 11
8. Lovćen 13 3 2 8 338 : 378 11
9. Borac m:tel 12 3 0 9 284 : 363 9
10. Partizan 12 1 0 11 282 : 348 3