Everybody makes a mistake or two, it is in our nature, humans are not perfect. But if that mistakes are made on purpose, just on one side, turning a blind eye on the other at some very clear situations, and overall putting your reputation on the line, than we should wonder what is the price?
Is it because of some bureaucratic favor, did the referees act alone, or even worse, is the house of handball involved and decided the winner before the match. Is this move because of some marketing aspect or to satisfy some official in the headquarters in Vienna.
This issue is as old as the sport itself, it is not happening just in handball, but in any sport where human factor is involved.
HC Vardar are disappointed with the referring in their last match. Whether the Spanish couple just learned how to referee without bias or they are just loyal solders is not for discussion.
Did they do something shameful? Yes. Will they be punished for that? No, and what is more, they would probably be reworded!
The past is the past, we should not look back, but learn something very valuable from it. We should evolve and improve as well as handball itself. Europe is more conservative and traditional, people do not want changes and they do not adopt easily, but we should try involving technology into this game, using a replay option for some questionable decisions, letting third referee decide or give more power to the delegates to overrule some decisions. In the end the human factor exists but the integrity is what makes the difference.
HC Vardar is among the first clubs that spoke of this problem and gave some guidance of what can be done, or how to reduce the influence that referees have in handball, which is summarized in the following statement, of the president of HC Vardar, Sergej Samsonenko:

I want to extend my congratulations to the fans who gave support to the club in one voice, to thank them for the fair and correct cheering , and I can proudly say that Skopje has the best fans in the world , that’s for sure.
Another situation that I would like to comment is about the referees who were delegated for this match – I can not say who organized this arbitration, but I can surely say that the arbitration was unfair for us. I can not tell from where it comes so you do not think that these are empty words, you have a complete analysis of how the arbitration was realized and I personally think that we didn’t have that bad arbitration this season.

The recording that we want to send to the European Handball Federation and the International European Federation as a protest, and we want to show that nothing was accidental but intended.
It does not hurt us that we will not play in the Final four, it hurts the fact that we lost in an unsporty manner. When the whole team is working hard for one year, and invests in funds and energy and at the end two people come and make criminal injustice.
It is a sin to do this in a city that has three clubs in the Champions League , in the city and country that are living for handball , in the club that has two representatives in the Champions League and for the people who honestly show their love and support . ”

I have an initiative and we want to send a request and claim to the other European clubs. To form some association, or authority, that will be independent, composed of experts, it may be composed of former referees, honest people who will inform the public and the federations in order to protect the clubs from intentionally unfair arbitration. I would not know to tell you at this moment how this organization will work, but I am giving an idea.
This is our initiative and this idea came to me. It is no secret that European handball is in worst situation, many clubs went bankrupt in Europe, Russia and the Balkans. When you invest in a club and referees cause a problem, then you do not want to invest anymore. Regardless of which club or country, experts must be from a different country .
Just because we speak loudly we could have problems with EHF, but what should we do, should we keep silent ?
We stand for the truth and better progress for handball in Europe and I would like EHF to help with this.
I think that EHF should be grateful that we are talking loud, if this is fair play then, let it be fair play .
In this case it would be unfair of me to offend some people or an organization , I know that all of this was on purpose, who is to blame for it I can not say because I do not want to offend anyone.
I expect EHF to involve the Commission and to consider the situation, because this is a bad way for all clubs in Europe. All clubs must be merged together and fight against this arbitration. The criteria must be equal for everyone, because today it happened to us, but in the future it might happen to someone else.