12.9 Lovcen-Metalurg 23-29
14.9 Vardar-Partizan 33-26
14.9 Vojvodina-Meshkov Brest 24-31
14.9 Croatia Osiguranje-Borac M:TEL 44-20


Serbian vice champion Partizan will wait at least one more week until they score their first points in SEHA league, after their defeat to Vardar in Skopje, 33-26 (15-10). Two times SEHA Final Four finalist Vardar celebrate for the first time in SRC Kale this season, and after two round have four points. Top scorers in the team of Vardar were Alex Dujshebaev (6 goals) and Matjaz Brumen(6 goals).Strahinja Milic saved 11 balls in first half, and his teammate Zlatko Daskalovski continues in same style, saving 9 balls in second.
In the team of Partizan top scorer was Marsenic(7 goals).

Vojvodina-Meshkov Brest

The first points of the new SEHA South Stream League  Belarus team has won on the field of Serbian champion in Novi Sad, Vojvodina-Meshkov 24-31 (9-15). Meshkov proved that has better quality and is a team who will fight to take part in the final tournament of the SEHA league. Players from Novi Sad did not have great chances to win this match and the team of Momir Rnic had to admit that at this point Meshkov is better. Sports centre Slana Bara has not been filled with fans so Vojvodina could not count on its eight player. Meshkov knew how to take advantage from that and dominated the match from the very start and presented its quality to the audience. Very soon the guests got to tangible advantage and in the second half Meshkov had a double-digit advantage at several occasions and saved it till the end without any problems.

Meshkov has been masterfully led by middle back Ivan Karacic who animated the whole team. On the other side strong defense and another Ivan, this time Pesic, were insurmountable barrier for offenders of the home team.