Last week was played round five of LNH

IVRY 23-26 PARIS  (11-14)

Ivry 23-26 ParisThundering at the very beginning of a match with François-Xavier Chapon on fire (10 goals including three penalties early in the game), the Ivry started in the best possible way in the derby literally taking Paris by the throat (4-0 in the 7 ‘). Incisive defense, Pascal Léandri man engaged body and soul and it paidoff  for their efforts (6-2 in 13 ‘). The visitors struggled to find their bearings in the image of Luc Abalo (0/3). But it did not last long and the machinery of the “super-star” team was put into work  (9-9 at 24 ‘) to finally take advantage at the break (11-14 at 30’). In the second half, the Val-de-Marnais walked away more beautiful (15-15 to 37 ‘) and showed that if they were to fall, it would be weapons in hand of their opponent. The brothers Simonet feasted, defense battle Ruiz-Margaria contrasted. But Fahrudin Melic (8 goals) and his teammates were not panicking so far (16-19 in 44 ‘). Until the end of the tension were decreased and  in a final minutes the visitors took the game in their hands. Ivry is docked, but has great potential for the future, even if the loss during the match Pablo Simonet (shot in the thigh after having produced a 5/6 on penalties) would be detrimental.

Out during face-with Paris, the young left-back Pablo Simonet will be out of the game for a period of 4 to 5 months, as recently confirmed the site of red and black club. He has a big injury hamstring rights.

This is a big blow for Pascal Léandri men since the Argentinian had scored 17 goals since the start of the season and gave a lot of unpredictability in the attack.


Thierry Omeyer will pause 3 months!

This is a big blow to Thierry Omeyer, but also for the team of Montpellier France, since one of the best international goalkeepers has suffered an elbow injury last Saturday and will leave the parquet  for about 3 months.

 Thierry Omeyer will go under surgery,on Thursday!

It was a mundane workout and it ended badly for the team of the Blues since their goalkeeper and emblematic figure of Montpellier was injured. Indeed Thierry Omeyer suffered an injury to his left elbow and more specifically an avulsion of the biceps. After medical examinations and exchanges between MAHB and the staff of the France team, it was decided that the last resort would be to operated him this Thursday, October 17th by Dr. Roussanne in clinical centre Saint Roch of Montpellier to reinsert the biceps . The unavailability of “Titi” is estimated at 3 months. Complicated to be present at the Euro, but not impossible …

Nantes 19-22 Dunkerque (11-11)

Nantes 19-22 DunkerqueAfter two setbacks in a row in the Champions League and Championship, a serious explosion in the locker room and in the press from their coach and their president, the Yankees had serious reasons for revenge on Wednesday night. And good pressure on the shoulders … that is felt in the early game (3-1 to 6 ‘and then 5-3 at 10’). But then, if they still had a little trouble realizing their offensive game, they found themselves in defense, face Ligériens rather quick, usually to advance the table. So, throughout the meeting, it is neck and neck frenetic (10-10 to 25 ‘and 12-12 at 38’) that have delivered both top contenders. But partners Baptiste Butto still managed to take a slight advantage (13-16 in 41 ‘and 15-17 at 44’) before being taken at 19-19 in 54 ‘ and be a big fear in terms of clear chances granted … Fear was short-lived as Bastien and Lamon Baptiste knew Butto make the break, taking advantage of the imprecise attempt of Jorge Maqueda and Alberto Entrerrios, who were less prominent than usual.

St. Raphael 36-33 Sélestat (20-16)

There is a new sheriff in town and it is SRVHB! Once again very serious men and Christian Gaudin have delivered a clean face combative Sélestadiens who are capable of doing some fears to their hosts. Rulers during the majority of the game (4-2 to 7 ‘, 7-3 to 9’ and 13-8 at 20), the Var could count on Morten Olsen unleashed (11 goals), present in all areas of the game, and a group that managed to pitch regularly supply the brand for all positions. Nevertheless, the visitors never gave up and were very dangerous in the second half. Still (22-19 to 34), they forced the local vigilance or more since the turn in  40 ‘to tie the score (24-24 in 39’ and 26-25 to 42 ‘). Thereafter, the Var knew enough to keep mattress to shelter. But nothing was easy and the Alsatians have nothing to be ashamed of. Southerners climb into the top three.

Chambery Aix 27-30 (13-15)
Determined to be respected, Aix started receiving this Chambery beating putting a lot of intensity in the fight (4-3 to 7′ and 9-7 to 13′) via their pivot Luka shining on both sides of the field (five goals), but also with their rear base with impacts Iosu Goni Leoz and Alexandros Vasilakis (5 goals each). So that the Savoyards had to use to stay in the game. And it was not until the 24th that Mario Cavalli men managed to pass the mark (11-12). At half-time the difference was small (13-15).
After the break,  Kévynn Nyokas  (5 goals) and Cyril Dumoulin (15 saves) took the broad (13-17 to 33 ‘) but local clung (18-20) before gradually lose ground (21-26 to 49 ‘) and finally the match.

Toulouse 29-25 Tremblay (14-10)
In the shot almost the entire first half with a nice burst of energy (8-6 in the 14 ‘to 26 and 12-10), Tremblay then a little disunited and offered Toulouse the opportunity to obtain a flattering advance at the break (14-10). Faced with a great pair of guards (20 saves including 16 Gonzalo Perez de Vargas) and international traffic, Jerome Fernandez (7 goals) and Valentin Holders (6 goals), making honors their new selections learned this week, the Fenix would enjoy this mattress to handle the aftermath of the meeting by cushioning the adverse attacks (17-15 at 40 ‘) before putting enough away to not be disturbed (25-19 to 52’ and 27-20 to 54 ‘). Once again, in the Haut-Garonne, Danijel Andjelkovic has been brilliant and the proposed game has been exciting. For its part, Tremblay will have regroup quickly.

Dijon 22-24 Nimes  (7-16)

Match between two direct rivals to maintain and further promoted the opposite team between Dijon and Nimes has kept all its promises. Finally, at least in the second half. Because in the first half, there was almost no fighting since visitors have dominated the game, completely silencing hosts addition clumsy (1-7 in the 11 ‘and 4-11 in 20’ and 6 – 13 in 25 ‘) with an iron defense. With the advance gained at halftime it was clear that Gard William Saurina (5 goals) will afford 2 points quietly. It was a mistake on Dijon resources. Denis Lathoud men would then give everything to get back in the game. And achieve it (18-18 in 49 ‘) thanks to remarkable performances of Emile Mansuy Fèvre at the goal, he was able to save some clear attempts (11 stops) or Istvan Redei (4 goals) and Pierrick Naudin (6 goals) which fueled Dijon. But visitors resumed air (18-21 in 53’), it was for a short time since the DBHB not let go (21-22 to 59 ‘). On the wire, Nicolas Zens gave the advantage to Crocos that make a beautiful operation. Dijon was not unworthy but pay dearly because they missed the start to the match.