RK Pivovarna Lasko Celje (SLO) vs Rhein Neckar Löwen (GER) 25:28 (7:13)

In the second two matches of the Saturday’s program of round three of VELUX EHF Champions League, the Lions have their first win in the bag: Germans won against Slovenian runner-up Celje with 25:28 (7:13) in Celje and thus secured (after the draw against Zaporozhye and the close defeat in Veszprém) the first two points of the season.“I’m very relieved it’s never easy to play in Celje. We played an outstanding first half, in the second half we were often outnumbered, because of that it was difficult, “concluded Neckar’s coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson after the game in the Zlatorog Hall to Celje. Manager Thorsten Storm said: “A very convincing performance of our team. Concentrated and combative. The first double-point win. Very important for us and deserved. “ In Celje, the duel began with a parade of keeper Niklas Landin Jacobsen. And a seven-meters penalty for the Lions: Gensheimer was accurate for 0:1 (2′) for the guests. The Slovenians took almost seven minutes before they were able to overcome the compact defense of the Lions for the first time. When the guests could not use some chances Celje resembled the Champions League winner from 2004 and punished the mistakes for 3:3 (10′). But when the score was 4-4 the Lions came made the crucial difference, Schmid, Gedeon Guardiola and twice Gensheimer – a 4-0 run to pull away leaving the Rhein Neckar, who were also outnumbered (Manojlovic had two minutes suspension), with safe goal difference and from that moment it was easier to play. The score 10:5- (21′) was proof that Celje were broken. When the left wing muttered in the penalty box, Celje took the initiative and with a score from Zelenovic restored the four goal lead 7:11, but Myrhol presented with a brace, and a six-goal lead restored, 7:13 for the guests. This was also the half-time score. The Lions put an extremely strong defense, the interaction with the sensational goalkeeper Landin (56 percent) worked excellently. Only seven goals, including three seven meters. This was the outstanding result of a concentrated and consistent presentation of the very well-adjusted play of Rhein Neckar. Zvizej scored the eighth goal for the Slovenians. But Manojlovic and Prodanovic with his first goal for the Lions kept the home side at safe distance. With the seventh goal of Gensheimer the score was 17:10 (37th). Then the guests let the concentration, and in that period made mistakes in defense often found themselves outnumbered. Gedeon Guardiola was shown the red card after 40 minutes and a foul on Zuran. Manager Storm: “After the red card for Gedeon Guardiola just wiggled the middle slightly, but the boys have brought the best then. Congratulations to all! “ In fact, through captain Zvizej, Celje came close to the Lions lead 15:19 (43′). Now the Slovenians sensed their chance. Especially since the defense of the Rhein Neckar now revealed one or the other (larger) gap. At 18:21 with goal from Lekai (48′), the great seven goals lead of the guests had dwindled to three goals, which was a sign for the audience in the hall to help their team. Celje used the negligence of guests consistently. But Ekdahl du Rietz and Gensheimer with goal number nine and Isaias Guardiola retained the nerves: 24:19 (51′). Time-out for Celje. Zuran was precise for the fifth time and brought his team to decent three goals lag 22:25 (54′). But Groetzki with a very important goal did not let Celje back into the game, 26:22 (56′). Zelenovic restored the three goals difference 24:27 (57′), but the Lions remained calm in the cauldron, Gensheimer sealed the win with his tenth goal of the first success of lions in the premier class. The Lions captain said afterwards: “We are delighted with the first victory! It was a game of ups and downs, but we were able to still times when Celje came in sight again! “ Celje: Lesjak, Skok; Blagotinsek, Mlakar, Marguc (4), Zuran (5), Janc, Razgor (1/1), Skube, Poteko, Sliskovic (2/2), Potocnik, Zelenovic (4), Zabic (3), Lekai (2), Zvizej (4) Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Landin Jacobsen, Stojanovic (43.-51.); Schmid (1), Gensheimer (10/6), Roggisch, I. Guardiola (2), Manojlovic (1), Gorbok, Myrhol (6), Groetzki (2), Karason (1), G. Guardiola (1), Ekdahl du Rietz (3), Prodanovic (1), Sigurmannsson FC Porto Vitalis (POR) vs THW Kiel (GER) 27:31 (17:16)

The THW Kiel in their third game

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in the VELUX EHF Champions League won in Porto. Even without Filip Jicha , Aron Palmarsson and Patrick Wiencek , the “zebras” defeated the Portuguese champions FC Porto Vitalis 31:27 (16:17). After a first half in which the hosts with the strong Gilberto Duarte (9 goals) even had a slight advantage, Kiel continued with a 9-2 run at the start of the second half and brought the victory – also thanks to several strong saves from Andreas Palickas.

Goalscorer with THW was Marko Vujin that marked 9(2) goals. A strong game played the line player Rene Toft Hansen , who, like Uwe Valur Sigurdsson was successfull six times. Kiel Icelandic left wing helped during the game – as well as left-handed Christian Zeitz – temporarily on the middle back position, as Filip Jicha (flu) and Aron Palmarsson (knee), did not go to Portugal as well as Patrick Wiencek had (hamstring) .


From the beginning, a fast-paced game developed under a special atmosphere: the 2,115 spectators in the sold-out “dragon cage” supported their team for the first Champions League group home game in club history. Jallouz ,Vujin and Lauge get the first three Kiel goals, but thanks to two counter-attacks by the Schubert and Moreira Porto and a goal from Ferraz tied to 3-3 for the first time, and showed that they could do successfully from the tied game. It quickly became clear that the game on the Atlantic coast would be anything but a self-goers

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for the “Zebras”, Porto was in lagging one goal 4:5 with another Schubert counterattack, but Vujin , and Jallouz emerged on the circle and Vujin scored for 7:5 (10′), first time a two-goal lead constructions. The game remained balanced, also because Vujin and Jallouz were precise, but only about half were able to accommodate in the goal. Above all, because Porto star Gilberto Duarte was in top form: The 23-year-old could be stopped in the following twelve minutes from anyone, in this phase achieved six of his nine goals. After 22 minutes and a jump shot from Duarte, it was suddenly 13:11 for the underdog. Alfred Gislason responded, brought the somewhat sluggish offensive game Uwe Valur Sigurdsson had a central position, Rasmus Lauge switched to the half position. In this moments, to help stop Duarte instead of Sjöstrand also came Andreas Palicka between the posts. But again Schubert counterattack got the hosts the highest lead 14:11. At this stage strong-willed Marko Vujin kept Kiel into the game (14:12), and after Toft Hansen scored a nice turn and Sigurdsson took a jump shot from the right back the German champion was only one goal behind 14:15. Although the hosts increased by Farraz and a counter attack by defense leader Salina after offensive foul from Toft Hansen, and again were in the lead with three goals, Vujin scored two goals and the first Palicka parade of the Kiel gave the guest only minimal one goal lagging at halftime. Since Ferraz had collected a two minute penalty just before the break, the “zebras” started in majority in the second half – and with a new play maker: Christian Zeitz, Sigurdsson moved to his ancestral left wing position. And in the defense Gislason now put on the offensive 3:2:1 coverage, headed by Wael Jallouz. Kiel started to play their game and they wanted to use their numerical advantage to equalize: lye scored for the equalizer, and after Palicka could hold a desperation throw Duarte from eleven meters, Toft Hansen used it for the first Kiel leadership since 10 9 Then the Kiel defense Davyes made a great block and Palicka served the ball, with a long pass, to Sigurdsson for new two goal lead for Kiel, 19:17. Although, Duarte with his eighth goal and Schubert with an interesting spin ensured once again slight glimmer of hope among the home fans, but FC Porto Vitalis still swam slowly. With goals of Sigurdsson and Zeitz it was three goals difference 19:22, then Sigurdsson by double strike and Vujin scored for 19:25, the end of the hopes for the hosts . But then it was yet again a little more exciting in the “dragon cage” because the “zebras” in the attack were unfocused and Schubert, Duarte and Ferraz closed the gap to three goals 25:28. Alfred Gislason therefore once again turned to Sigurdsson and he was again Kiel’s play maker. The Icelanders managed promptly by the jump shot 29:25, and after Vujin shortly afterwards presented with his ninth goal at 30:26, there was no doubt about the success of Kiel. FC Porto Vitalis: Bravo (41, 60, 7 saves.), Lauren Tino (1st-41, 7 saves.); Carvalhais (ne), Duarte (9), V. Santos, Ferraz (3) Alves, Moniz, Salina (1), Rocha (4), Moreira (3/1), Davyes, H. Santos, Rosario, Pereira, Schubert (7) Coach: Obradovic THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (1, 22, 4 parades.) Palicka (22-60, 10/1 parades.); Müller, Toft Hansen (6), Sigurdsson (6), Sprenger, Ekberg , lye (4), Zeitz (1), Jallouz (4), Small (1), Vujin (9/2); Coach: Gislason