Kiel winner in 17th round top game

THW Kiel earned two “big points” in the battle for the German Championship: in front of 10,000 spectators in the sold-out Max-Schmeling-Halle, “zebras” retained cool head and won the top match against the foxes from Berlin well deserved with 33: 29 (18:12). To the 40th Minutes, Kiel had the superior goal scorers Marko Vujin (11/2 Matches), and after the first Bundesliga goal of Andreas Palicka developed a nine-goal lead before the host could shorten it again with an offensive cover. However, THW victory came no longer in danger.
Everything was done in Berlin’s “Burrow” after an eventful week full of positive news for the federal capital city after they had reached the group stage in the EHF Cup last weekend. On Sunday morning, CEO Bob Hanning had renewed his contract for less than five years, also the A-youth conquered the juniors of SC Magdeburg with 28:26, in the prelude in the Max-Schmeling-Halle . Thanks to the built additional grandstand Hall in Prenzlauer Berg was completely sold out with 10,000 spectators, on the stands among the audience were the national coach Martin Heuberger and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. No question: Berlin was in handball fever.
Filip Jicha put twice per jump shot, but Konstantin Igropulo resembled each score. The man of the match, Vujin scored for the first three goal lead, 5-2. Not five minutes into the game in the Max-Schmeling-Halle, as Kiel had already let their muscles.
Füchse fell against the Kiel 6-0 cover. Only playmaker Bartlomiej Jaszka was constantly a danger for Kiel’s defense and held with its breakthroughs and covert strike throws kept his team in the game. After Igropuloäs  jump shot over the bar and Petersen’s steered a seven meter by lifters at the bar, Vujin after a quarter of an hour scored, for 9:5, the first four-goal lead for the THW.
But the foxes remained in the game with  two more goals from Jaszka, which meant the 7:10 and a substitution, Andreas Palicka for Sjöstrand. Palicka showed his class, great save against Jaszka, a little later against Petersen, and Kiel had 5 goals advantage 12:7. Foxes coach Dagur Sigurdsson then called his timeout, but it did not help, Berlin was trailing six goals, 14:8, 15:9 and 18:12 at the half time.
After the break, Andreas Palicka deflected attempt from Igropulo, on the opposite side Vujin scored for the first seven-goal lead. Dagur Sigurdsson had, however, a new move considered in the cabin: Berlin played from then on offense with a seventh-fielder. Seven of the foxes came in the attack actually to success, but the results of Horak, Nielsen and Igropulo did not help to reduce the backlog. The “zebras” continued to play efficiently on offense, had a well placed goalscorer in Marko Vujin.
An attempt to break through from Igropulo was characterized as offensive foul.  Filip Jicha responded immediately and threw the ball over the entire field to the orphaned gateway to 23:15. After the first Bundesliga goal from Palicka the “zebras” led with nine-goal margin, Dagur Sigurdsson drummed his team together and grabbed the yellow vest back on.
A young talent Fabian Fuchs with two great hits suggested its potential, and shortened Kiels lead at this stage with four hits in a row until 23:27 .
Alfred Gislason drummed his team in the 49th Minute together again and urged to rest. Then it was again Vujin that marked the important 28:23. As Jaszkas pass landed on the re touchline, provided Sigurdsson on the opposite side for the 29:23. And after the returned into the goal Sjöstrand then saved Füchse’s attempt and Aron Palmarsson scored at 30:23 nine minutes from the siren.
Although, Foxes tried to end everything and punished the errors in Kiel attack game consistently it seemed it was little too late. As Vujin failed by seven meters to Stochl and Iker Romero scored for 28:31, two and a half minutes left in the game, Berlin fans once more got their hopes back and rose from their seats. However, with his eleventh goal Marko Vujin buried every hope left in the arena. THW celebrated their 14th Victory in the 16th Game and remain behind SG Flensburg-Handewitt (43:24 against Eisenach) hot on their heels.

Post match:

THW coach Alfred Gislason :

I’m very, very proud of my team. We have played really well Handball. In the attack in the first half was by far the best this season. The defense was good. After the nine-goal lead we have become careless and even cashed in majority gates. I never expected to ever be so high in the lead. But we’ve come in good time back on track. We deserved to win, this victory is very important for us.

Berlin coach Dagur Sigurdsson:

We did not have the worst day, but the THW has simply played better. The first half of the THW was worthy of all honor.

Berlin CEO Bob Hanning:

The THW has incredibly played well in the first 30 minutes. If you so want to beat a great team, everything has to fit. Sensations there are not every week. For Handball in Berlin but it was a great week with the Final Four award, today’s game and our qualification for Europe.

THW CEO Klaus Elwardt :

That was a great handball game, congratulations to Berlin for this event. I hope the additional grandstand stops. Maybe my team today so burned because we have left are the points in Flensburg. Now we want to win Wednesday, which is the next hit.

Logo Füchse Berlin: Heinevetter (1.-24., 31.-40., 6/1 Saves), Stochl (24.-30., 40.-60., 4/1 Saves); Löffler (2), Wiede (3), Spoljaric, Romero (4/1), Zachrisson (5), Jaszka (6), Horak (1), Igropulo (6/2), Nielsen (2), Christophersen, Petersen;

Coach: D. Sigurdsson

Logo THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (1.-18., 48.-60., 4 Saves), Palicka (18.-48., 7/1 Saves);Toft Hansen (2), G. Sigurdsson (3),  Sprenger (2),  Wiencek,  Ekberg (2),  Zeitz (1),  Jallouz (n.e.)  Palmarsson (4)  Klein (1),  Jicha (6),  Vujin (11/2);

Coach: Gislason

Referees:Andreas Pritschow / Marcus Pritschow

Suspentions :Berlin: 4 (Spoljaric (27.), Horak (29.), D. Sigurdsson (46.), Nielsen (48.));
THW: 2 (Sprenger (24.), Palmarsson (41.))

Round 17,  Results:


Rhein-Neckar Löwen 36:22 VfL Gummersbach

SC Magdeburg 30:24 TSV GWD Minden

TBV Lemgo 33:27 HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

TuS N-Luebbecke 38:30 Bergischer HC

TV Emsdetten 31:37 HSV Handball

FRESH UP!  Göppingen 24:24 HSG Wetzlar

SG Flensburg-Handewitt 43:24 ThSV Eisenach

Foxes Berlin 29:33 THW Kiel

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 28:34 MT Melsungen