On Wednesday, the first three matches took place of LNH Round 6. Once again the surprises were not missed since Toulouse  beat  Chambery, as guests, while Nantes stalled in Nimes. Ivry once again won against a favorite, this time against Dunkerque.

Chambery 30-31 Toulouse (12-19)

Toulouse have breath and a lot of heart. For Wednesday, they made a new first-rate performance in this season, after taking half points from Paris at the Palais des Sports, they were charged with that fact against Chambery. At Lighthouse, in an atmosphere that drove their opponents to madness, Jerome Fernandez (10 goals) delivered almost perfect game. Immediately on the pace (1-3 to 3 ‘and 5-8 in the 10’ and 7-13 at 17), visitors were playing so bold scoring very fast precise balls, and showing some sacrifice in defense, with additional fine saves by the goalkeepers (17 in all). All this required the hosts to take too many risks. So, Toulouse quietly increased the advantage without CSH actually finding any solutions for the opponent’s game. Losing too many balls (10 against 6) Mario Cavalli’s players were clearly behind (12-19 after 30 ‘). Back on the floor after the break, the Savoyards seemed like they found their game (17-21 at 37′), but Fenix ​​still remained vigilant because the pressure was becoming stronger, as the minutes passed. But not quite as the home team equalized by Detrez (24-24 at 49’). Then started up a fight in which each ball was very important for the both teams (26-28 at 53 ‘and 29-30 at 58’).  And it was Toulouse which outweighed the thread!


Joel Da Silva (Toulouse coach):

In the eyes of everyone, until then, we played well but ultimately, it was not always translated in the standings. With this result against Chambery, it really validates our start to the season with a serious victory. It was a very good first half by capitalizing on the fact that they had two more games to play this weekend. It was necessary to make them run and take risks. We did it on upgrades balls and defending fair. So they rushed and we were able to get ahead. After I warned the players, Chambéry, which is really a good team, would be able to come back and if that was the case, we should use our defeat on the wire in the League Cup against Nantes to try to win. We did it. About Angel Montoro and his early season, there has been a focus, he agreed to play and we saw tonight he was capable of.

Nimes 29-28 Nantes (16-15)

1377353_606398169412989_972758238_n1Nîmes is back in D1 and insists that they should be known. While the results are raining. This time it is the “H” which is on the board hunting Gard. And it is in the wake of the figureheads Guillaume Saurina (8 goals) and Yassine Idrissi (17 saves) that “Green team” has built its success on. Because these two have disgusted from their visitors. That again and again by giving a little more on the scoreboard, that stopping a possible offensive surge. Constant replica strokes of genius and the very high level to see, in a handkerchief, the Greens assume the two points. In Nantes, the efforts of Stefan Vujic (9 goals), Valero Rivera (6 goals) and Marouene Maggaiez (15 stops) will not suffice.

William Saurina (left back of Nimes):

This is a great result that is obtained against this team of Nantes and we knew we could do it if we play well together. We tried to play a very good match as the first half produced last week against Dijon. When we had a moment of hollow, we managed not to make the broth. This is really good. It was the quality in this group with a team that changed a little and recruits who really bring. When everyone is going in the same direction we are able to achieve results like tonight.

Dunkerque 25-22 Ivry   (11-12)

ivryCertainly, Ivry did not paid on its investment. Once again, the men of Pascal Léandri gave everything without being rewarded so they remain in last place. Against a team of Dunkerque somewhat blunted by the sequence of events, the Val-de-Marnais knew that they would rely on a small drop of enemy regime to win. In the first act, it was first an exchange of cordiality which began discussions (6-6 on 13 ‘) before the “Red and Black” Xavier Lorgeré (5 goals) led Ivry to four goal advantage (6 – 10 at 21 ‘). But the Dunkerque did not let anything to chance, immediately retorted with a small series was trailing with one goal at the break (11-12 at 30 ‘). On the start of the second half, the USDK found habits and shook the game, were even harder  in defense, less wasteful in attack, and Patrick Cazal players made three goals advantage (16-13 in 39 ‘) after which never loose the advantage despite the battering Ile (18-16 at 47 ‘). To finally win (25-22).

On Thursday French champion hosted the team of AIX , the Parisians won with 39-30.

Paris AIX 25-22 (11-12)

Focused and diligent, the PSG players topped up their confidence levels with a win over Aix-en-Provence (39-30) on Thursday at Coubertin in Round 6 of the championship.

PSG DijonAfter underperforming last weekend against Skopje (24-24), Philippe Gardent’s men needed to win this championship game with only three days to go before the long awaited game against FC Barcelona.

The Red and Blues left no room for doubt about their intentions. Nearly every attack equalled a goal for the capital’s players at the start of the game. In addition to being effective, PSG also put on a show with a spectacular goal behind the back from the unstoppable Daniel ‘Air France’ Narcisse (7th min) and a masterpiece delivered by aerial Fahrudin Melic (13th min).

The Parisians’ superiority quickly showed on the scoreboard. Only 15 minutes into the game, the current French Champions’ lead had already stretched to 5 goals (13-8). This gap reduced slightly as the first half progressed. And for good reason: Goni Leoz was on fire for PAUC with six goals to his name in the first 30 minutes.

But the missiles fired by Csaszar and Melic (4 and 5 goals respectively in the first half) meant that Paris returned to the changing rooms with a secure lead (20-16), despite a two minute penalty inflicted on Samuel Honrubia (25th min) for arguing with the referee.

Psg aix9

The team from Aix threw themselves at the second half in the same way as they ended the first, with a formidable Luka Karabatic. But Daniel Narcisse helped his team keep a small buffer while adding to his stats with two goals in four minutes (32nd & 34th min). However, when they are going through a difficult period, like the start of the second half, the Parisians know they can always weather the storm by relying on their valuable Sierra in goal.

This respite gave Vori & co time to organise a fight back and condemn PAUC to trail by seven (33-26, 47th min), despite Jeremy Roussel’s players shining intermittently, like the laser strike from Stojanovic (49th min).

The end of the game was less controlled, and Paris made the most of Aix’s fatigue to stretch the lead with a one-on-one goal from Igor Vori against Cappelle (58th min).  Csaszar scored the final goal for PSG – his seventh of the match – to help his team cruise to a win (39-30).

This solid success comes at a perfect time for the Red and Blues, who have consolidated their position at the top of the championship table and are enjoying an ideal build-up for Sunday’s game against FC Barcelona.

The complete round 6