BundesLiga, round 9, day 1: Magdeburg defeated THW Kiel 34:31 (16:13)

After 17 wins in a row, THW Kiel Handball lost in Bundesliga DKB 9 Round: SC Magdeburg inflicted the first defeat of the season to THW Kiel  on Wednesday night. Deserved 34:31 (16:13) victory before the great crowd of 6,330 spectators where  Kneer (SCM, 9 goals) and Jicha (THW, 10 goals) were the best shooters.

Whoever have bet to SCM victory against THW Kiel , would certainly have a high rate to collect. Without both middle backs, Haass, and Bezjak and without Oneto, Rojewski, Grafhorst and Landsberg Carstens the hosts expected defeat in the current Bundesliga season  from the leader in the German handball league standings. That is why they  focused on the “Youngsters” Janke, Gebala, Hart Fell and Ackermann in the lineup. Magdeburg had the first throw, but Sigurdsson snatched the ball and gave the visitors an early lead. But the SCM players were very motivated. Twenty one years old Janke directed the SCM defense and impressed the “Zebras”. After an initial balanced phase, a brief period of weakness of the home team was punished by Vujin to 6:4 (9 minute). But Magdeburg showed character and took the lead in 17th minute (10:9). SCM goalkeeper in game-changing phases with some important parades  helped the team which was frenetically celebrated by the audience in GETEC Arena. At a half time the home team had 3 goals advantage over the Bundesliga champions  16:13.

After the break Kiel was in the attack and they were determent to equalize the score. The guests tried and succeeded to bring balance to the game with the goal of  Toft-Hansen for 18:18 (36 minute). But the home team was not shocked, the players were calm and eager to win this match, soon they went into three-goal lead (Kneer at 24:21, 41 minute). The game was not decided yet. THW was very close to Magdeburg’s lead, they even had a chance to close the gap, but when Janke scored for 31:28  (57 minute), the sensation was palpable. Kiel resisted further, but again Janke and Hornke hit the net. The game was over for Kiel, they lost 34-31.

After the brilliant start with 16:0 points the  “Zebras” in Magdeburg were brought back to earth. There is still a lot of work on Alfred Gislason and his team, but despite the defeat they are at the top of the DKB Handball Bundesliga. Kiel do not have much time to process the loss because on Saturday night they have a match in the “VELUX EHF Champions League” again. In Portugal, the “zebras” hit the local champions FC Porto Vitalis.

THW KIEL: Jicha (10/6), Vujin (6), Toft Hansen (6), Sigurdsson (3), Zeitz (2) Blaster (1), Wiencek (1), Palmarsson (1), Ekberg (1/1)
SC Magdeburg: Kneer (9), Weber (6/1), Jurecki (4), Musche (4), Natek (2), Hornke (2), Wiegert (2), Hartfiel (2), Janke (2), van Olphen (1)

Post match:

THW line player Patrick Wiencek:

We have not played today what we wanted to play and deserved the lost. This is often the case in Handball: The team that fights more wins the game – and that was today Magdeburg. We have a tough game at the weekend in Porto, as we must otherwise occur. In the Bundesliga, you can not afford long afterwards watch the game, we have to look forward.

SCM goalkeeper Dario Quenstedt:

We have the failures well compensated, Landsberg has failed, but  the others jumped into the breach. We have great coaches the week, Frank [Carstens] has prepared us well to Kiel.

SCM Left Wing Matthias Seashells:

We had nothing to lose, just gave full throttle. If it then runs first, is something like today possible.