Partizan 25:30 Nexe

The teams of Partizan and Nexe played an interesting match in Belgrade. The hosts entered the game with a strong desire to win, but as rivals they had the great young team of Nexe,also desireing the win. Partizan started the game excellent and after two thirds of the match had a lead thanks to the great game in attack helped by the amazing Mihailo Radovanovic. The three amazing goals from 9 meters of the right back of Partizan Nikola Potic forced the coach of Nexe Zdenko Kordi to request time-out after 8 minutes game.
Партизан Нексе Корди тајм аут
After the time-out the visitors replied with a series of 6-1 and with the goal of the gifted Sime Ivic got the lead for the first time in tne 20th minute. The black and white responded in the same way and had the lead again, but the visitors after the change of the defense in 5-1 formation and with the goals of Franjo Lelic took the lead again. During the match Partizan was in absence of the right back Aleksandar Radovanovic,which was the reason why they could not have a rotation in the attack, and could not avoid the defeat. Nexe won with 25-30 and left Belgrade with two points.
Парт-Нексе ПотиќAleksandar Brković (Partizan, coach)

– I want to congratulate the deserved win and wish them to qualify for the EHF Cup Group Stage. We can’t play better than this. We played good in some parts, but as the match was going to the end, our performance began to fall. We made rotation, but wings for backs or lineplayers for backs. Its extremely difficult to play in that situation, but it’s like that. I can’t critize my guys. They gave maximum. It would be strange to beat some teams at SEHA GSS. We fight as much as we can. Radovanovic and Djuricic have played youth league of local Belgrade’s Federation two months ago and now they are playing against Vardar, Nantes, Nexe. This is capacity of our team.

Zdenko Kordi (NEXE, coach)

– I always feel pleasure to play at Banjica. We have fantastic sports and human relationships with RK Partizan. I have to congratulate to my team for the victory, but also home team for respectable resistance. It was a good match. Both teams have difficulties in preparation for this match because of EHF Cup matches last two weekends. You could see our slowdefense in the first half, but more Partizan’s in the second half. I am satisfied with a win.

Franjo Lelić (NEXE, right wing)

– I want to congratulate to RK Partizan on fair play. We began the match bad, but we managed to fix that in the second half with stronger defense. With 5-1 defense we managed to score some easy goals. We also managed to get some advantage and to save that until the end.

Vanja Ilić (Partizan, left wing)

– I wish to congratulate to our rival, but also my team-mates for a good fight and resistance. Unlucky injury of Radovanovic at the beginning made a lot of problems to our rotation, which guests from Nasice used. We had problem with 5-1 defense in the second half. We lost the match, but we fought until the end…

партизан неџе изјави

SC Vozdovac

RK Partizan: Goalkeepers- Radovanović (13/35 saves),Ristanovic (1/9 saves), Players: Ilić(4),Milomir Radovanović(1), Đuričić(2), Mršulja(1), Pižurica, Matičić(7,2/2 7m), Aleksandar Radovanović, Kostadinović(1), Rašić(1), Marsenić(4), Minić, Potić(4). Head coach: Aleksandar Brković

RK Nexe: Goalkeepers- Lelić(3/19 saves), Pivac(3/12 saves), Janković(/), Players: Bureš, Eter(1), Lelić (8,3/3 7m), Mrđenović, Tomas, Jurjević, Sokolić, Vujić(3), Božic-Pavletic(1), Sakić(1), Vegar(4),Tomic(3), Ivić(6) Head coach: Zdenko Kordi

Vojvodina 29:27 Zagreb

CO Zagreb defeated Vojvodina in Novi Sad with 29:27 in the game of the seventh round of SEHA League. Heroes in the team of Zagreb were Zlatko Horvat, who scored eight and Stipe Mandalinić who scored six goals. A good day between the posts had Ivan Stevanovic with 13 saves.
In the sports hall “Salt Pond”, Boris Dvoršek players had the control on the game from the first minute against the current champion of Serbia, and at half-time had the advantage of two goals difference (12:14). In front of about five hundred very noisy fans in Novi Sad, Zagreb CO provided a great game both in defense and in attack. Zagreb’s defense proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for Vojvodina in the first three minutes when the winger Horvat and Joseph Valčić achieved three easy goal from the half-counter attacks and counterattacks for the Croatian champions . After the goal of Stepančič and the the initial 0-4, Vojvodina coach Momir Rnic had to call a time-out. Until the end of the thirty minutes the team from Novi Sad  played a little better in attack, but the best individual player in the red and white was and goalkeeper Miroslav Kocic which is the first half had defended eight strokes, of which one seven-meter of Zlatko Horvat. At the break  Zagreb had two goals advantage, 12:14.

Croatian team continued to maintain an edge, and goalkeeper Ivan Stevanovic corresponding counterpart staked with several great defended shots. Vojvodina in the second half played a little more assertive and aggressive in defense and widen the attack, and on the wings of noisy cheering supporters, who did not allow Zagreb to unstick to more than three goals differences. However, the key moves and defense brought Ivan Stevanovic who in the last five minutes of the game defended two great opportunities for Vojvodina and ensured Zagreb first away win.
The most efficient in the ranks of the winning team were Captain Zlatko Horvat with eight Stipe Mandalinić six and Marino Maric and Josip Valčić five and four goals. Goalkeeper Ivan Stevanovic enrolled  15 saves and deservedly took the title of best individual of the match.
In handball club Vojvodina respectable performance recorded Sasa Marjanac six, and Milan Mirkovic and Zoran Nikolic with four goals. Vojvodina goalkeeper Miroslav Kocic enrolled 14 saves.
Boris Dvoršek (CO Zagreb, coach):

It was an interesting match. I am satisfied that we won tonight. This was our fourth match in 10 days, so it was clear that we are tired. We deserved to win at the end. We had control on result through 60 minutes. Vojvodina fought well, they were close all the time, that’s why was a good match. I want to congratulate to my players. Atmosphere in the hall was nice. We knew that will be a tough here. Serbian and Croatian champions playing. That is some kind of derby…

Ivan Stevanović (CO Zagreb, goalkeeper):

We knew that we will have a tough clash here and that a lot of fans will be at the hall. We played good at the start. We could have broken the resistance of home team earlier, but the most important thing is that we won. We analysed them and knew that Elezovic, Mirkovic and Popov are players with international experiences, that they have good goalkeeper. At the end we have thriller ending, but luckily we won…

Zagreb on Sunday is playing a new SEHA League game against super strong Vardar Skopje for the first place in the scoreboard of SEHA League.
Ranking: Vardar 16, Zagreb CO 15 (6), Tatran 15, Metalurg 11 (5), Vojvodina 9 …

Arena: Slana Bara, Novi Sad

CO Zagreb: Stevanović (13 saves), Mudrinjak ; Marić 5, Stepančić 1, Matulić, Matić 1, Šprem, Čorić, Šebetić, Batinović 2, Horvat 8, Šušnja 1, J.Valčić 4, T.Valčić 1, Mandalinić 6, Kaleb
Vojvodina: Kocić ( 14 saves), Perović ; Popov, Radišić, Elezović 2, Barišić 3, Mirković 4, Pušica 2, Pilipović 1, Todorović, Nikolić 4, Marjanac 6, Šipka 2, Stanković 2, Holpert 1, Ćurković.