The 11th round of the Seha league brought really interesting matches. Metalurg was suprised on home court by Lovcen winning only one point, while Vardar and Zagreb won really taugh matches agaist Borac and Partizan.

Borac m:tel 24:25 Zagreb (12:12)

The team of Zagreb managed to return on the top of the Sega league after the taugh win in Banja Luca against Borac. Boris Dvorsek players started the match excellent, taking the lead with 6-0 and 8-1, but here they stopped. Borac risponded with a series of 6-0, and the halftime ended 12:12.


The second half continued in the same rhythm. Niether of the teams managed to make bigger difference. Stepancic scored for 23:25, and Obradovic replied for 24:25. Zagreb managed to keep the ball until the end of the match and managed to get taugh but very important victory.

Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb’s coach:

We’ve expected an easier win although we knew how strong Borac is and that’s why win is the only thing we could be satisfied with. We’ve had 8:1 then stopped, Borac woke up and it turned out to be an eciting match until the end. Good match from Borac, great atmosphere. I believe crowd has enjoyed quality handball.

Jerko Matulic, CO Zagreb’s player:

While we were holding on to our agreement things were fine but when we weren’t things changed rapidly. Borac is much better team then their position on league’s table says but we shouldn’t allow ourselves such ups and downs we had today.

Jani Cop, Borac’s coach:

We had to spend to much energy to catch Zagreb in the first part of the first half and it has in my opinion decided the match. Our roster is not as big as Zagreb’s, our rotation too. We’ve managed to stop their fast transformation and counter attacks but they were simply too experienced in the end.

Branislav Obradovic, Borac’s player:

Our start was too bad and although we’ve given our maximum in the rest of the match we weren’t able to catch them and win some points. This match has however showed that we can get back into the game after loosing with big goal difference and I hope supporters are satisfied and that they will be with us in the upcoming matches.

Borik, Banja Luka

Borac m:tel

Goalkeepers: Blazevic 11 saves, Miskovic
Players: Stefan Janković 1, Duško Hercegovac 1, Nikola Tešić 3, Neven Crnogaća, Sergej Krstajić, Mirko Mikić 4, Miloš Njezić, Stefan Vučić, Nemanja Bezbradica 4, Igor Rađenović, Branislav Obradović 8, Srđan Trivundža 3, Marko Ćeranić, Mario Blažević, Ratko Nikolić.
Head coach: Jani Čop

CO Zagreb

Goalkeepers: Stevanović 14 saves, Filip Ivić
Players: Marino Marić, Lovro Mihić 3, Luka Stepančić 7, Jerko Matulić 2, Lovro Šprem 1, Teo Čorić 1, Luka Šebetić, Zlatko Horvat 6, Josip Šandrk, Josip Valčić, Tonči Valčić 1, Stipe Mandalinić 2, Sandro Obranović 2, Ante Kaleb
Head coach: Boris Dvoršek

Tatran 43:37 Nexe (21:16)

Tatran got the revenge for the defeat in Osijek against Nexe and returned on the top in the Seha league. This was the most effective match this season in the Seha league with 80 goals so far. In Tatran’s team best scorers were trio Kristopans-Antl-Čip with 7 goals each along with fantastic Verkic on goal. Vujić was NEXE’s best scorer with 10 goals (10/11) , Mrdjenovic added 4.


Peter Hatalcik, Tatran’s coach:

Today’s match would bear the highest criteria. Our fans were pleased with the game. The coach of Nexe, Zdenko, is too careful in his statement and we believe that Nexe will shuffle table within first six teams in this league. We had quite big problems in our team before the beginning of this match. Today’s players list was not optimal, we had some injuries and few sick players. The main thing is that we won this home match.

Radoslav Antl, Tatran’s player:

We tried to do our best. We saw that Nexe was trying to do their best as well and they were fighting all the way to the last seconds. Our opponent today was also quite fast. Congratulations to Nexe, we wish them all the best in EHF Cup and we hope we will get a good rest before our Saturday’s game against Maribor Branik in third round of EHF Cup. Great performance from the whole team today.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE’s coach:

Congratulations to Tatran. Nexe is one of the two teams that was able to beat Tatran this season which is a quite good perception. We knew we were coming for a tough game. Tatran Presov was favorite in this match and together with Vardar, Metalurg, Croatia Zagreb and Meshkov they make a group of five leading teams in this league. We believe that Nexe could be sixth one in top six teams. It was a very tough match and we wish Tatran all the best in upcoming third round of EHF’s Cup.

Luka Sokolic, NEXE’s player:

It was a nice fairplay game. We had very weak defense and we were making too many technical unforced errors. Tatran took advantage of these errors and scored goals.

Tatran Handball Arena Prešov

Tatran Presov

Goalkeepers: Svetislav Verkić 14 saves, Jakub Krupa
Players: Oliver Rabek 2, Patrik Hruscak, Jakub Hrstka 5, Dominik Krok, Dainis Kristopans, Alexander Radčenko 2, Lukaš Urban, Peter Tumidalsky 5, Tomas Urban 1, Tomaš Čip 7, Vladimir Guzy 1, Zarko Pejović 6,
Damian Krzysztofik , Radoslav Antl


Goalkeepers: Perica Lelić 9 saves, Josip Pivac 3 saves
Players: Marko Bureš, Franjo Lelić 1, Marko Mrđenović 4, Krešo Tomas, Marin Kružić, Tibor Jurjević 3, Luka Sokolić 5, Igor Vujić 10, Josip Božić Pavletić, Marin Sakić 2, Marin Vegar 3,Tomislav Nuić 1,Mijo Tomić 4, Šime Ivić 4

Partizan 27:28 Vardar ( 15:16)

Vardar in thriler ending in Belgrade managed to win the young team of Partizan with 27:28. Macedonian side has broken the resistance of young Serbian squad in the last minute of the match with the winning goal of Igor Karacic 40 seconds until the end and save by Inaki Malumbres in the last seconds, when he stopped the shot of Mijailo Marsenic. Spanish goalkeeper was the hero of the match with the few saves in the last three-four minutes.


Top scorers were Aleksandar Radovanovic and Igor Karacic with 6 goals.

Mijailo Marsenic, Partizan’s player:

Congratulations to the Vardar , but I’m proud of my teammates. We played two fantastic games, high intensity in four days . We have earned at least point, but I hope it will come back to us when we need it most, in the national playoffs .

Aleksandar Brkovic, Partizan’s coach :

It turned out as if we were playing derby, it was a game in which one ball has decided the match. Congratulations to my players . We have seen our chance in opponent’s hard schedule. I feel bad that we did not win at least a point , when we have already had a chance , but the very fact that we have achieved more than 25 goals, and play egal with Vardar is a huge boost for us .

Ilija Abutovic, Vardar’s player

Congratulations to Partizan on a good game, we did not expect such resistance. They were really fast and good in defence. I am glad we managed to win this.

Andon Boskovski , Vardar’s coach

It seemed like home team wanted this win more , we’ve entered to the game like ” it would be easy” . However , no matter how large club we are, or how great players we have, we must go in every game one hundred percent focused and committed . I wish Partizan best of luck in future with all these great fans. – said Boskovski

SC Vozdovac


Goalkeepers: Mihailo Radovanović 5, Luka Radovic 4
Players: Vanja Ilić 4, Milomir Radovanović 2, Igor Mršulja, Matija Pižurica, Viktor Matičić 3, Aleksandar Radovanović 6, Miloš Kostadinović 4, Milan Rašić 2, Lazar Kukić, Darko Stevanović, Ivan Popović, Mijajlo Marsenić 5, Luka Minić 1
Head coach: Aleksandar Brković


Goalkeepers: Aldave Malumbres 12 saves, Zlatko Daskaloski 2, Strahinja Milić
Players: Mitko Stoilov, Nemanja Pribak 3, Alem Toskić, Luka Rakovic 2, Vladimir Petrić 2, Vlatko Jovčevski 1, Dobrivoje Marković 5, Igor Karačić 6, Ilija Abutović 3, Filip Lazarov 2, Stefan Terzić, Timur Dibirov 2, Mikhail Chipurin 2
Head coach: Andon Boškovski

Metalurg 19:19 Lovcen( 7:10)

Although seemed that Metalurg will win and get the 2 points from Lovcen, that did not happened. The hosts came with a wish to surprise the favourite and they made it. The match ended with a draw 19:19, and Lovcen returns in Cetinje with a huge point in his pocket from Skopje. This was another failure for Metalurg at home after those against Tatran and Nexe. After ‘losing’ two points Metalurg stays on fourth place instead of coming much closer to city rivals Vardar. One of the Lovcen`s leaders was the amazing goalkeeper Vuko Borilovic who had marvelous 19 saves( 14 plus 5 penalties). Hosts have had a chance to score from penalty maybe for victory, 30 seconds to finish, but Pavel Atman hit the crossbar. Lovcen has also had last chance to score, although they had only 6 players in play, but Igor Markovic failed to score.
Metalurg decided to rest three important players from first squad, goalkeeper Darko Stanic, Naumce Mojsovski and Renato Vurginec. Coach Lino Cervar missed the press conference and has sent his assistant Aleksandar Petrovski to talk to media.
Pavel Atman with 7 goals was the best scorer, Vanco Dimovski scored five goals for Metalurg, while Danijel Vukcevic was, with 5 goals was Lovcen’s best scorer.

met-lov skrat

Igor Markovic – Lovcen’s player

After a poor start to the season, the team was able to get back in game and play great games. We are delighted with this point.

Igor Mandic – Metalurg’s player

We had a chance to win. This week we’re expecting a tough game against Vardar, and our thoughts are focused on that game. Hopefully there is enough time to make good atmosphere in team until then.

Zoran Abramovic – Lovcen’s coach

We’ve lost both games last season against Metalurg with 13 goal difference. This time we’ve managed to leave hall with smile on our faces. I think we deserve this point. We know that Metalurg has problems with their squad but this is not excuse. They have at least two good players on each position.

Aleksandar Petrovski – assistant coach of Metalurg

Although our focus was not game with Lovcen we’ve tried to tell the players that Lovcen’s form is rising, and that it won’t be easy to go out and win. We continue to give points to teams that are not on our level. We knew it would be a difficult game, but players didn’t. I can’t imagine playing the match against Vardar on Sunday this way.We have 4-5 days to stabilize the team.

Boris Trajkoski, Skopje


Goalkeepers:Rade Mijatović 11 saves, Nikola Mitrevski 3 saves
Players:Goce Ojleski 1, Vančo Dimovski 5, Dejan Pecakovski 1, Goce Georgievski, Martin Manaskov, Dejan Manaskov 1, Velko Markoski, Zlatko Mojsoski, Pavel Atman 7, Nikola Kedžo,
Aco Jonovski, Igor Mandić 1, Žarko Peševski, Milan Corovic 3.


Goalkeepers:Vuko Borilović 19 saves, Vladan Abramović 1 save
Players:Danijel Vukičevic 5, Petar Petričević,Milan Popović 1, Ivan Radović 3, Igor Marković 2, Marko Drašković 4, Mirko Radović 1, Draško Kaluđerović, Bogdan Nikolić 2, Stefan Čizmovic 1, Lukasz Achruk, Miodrag Stanojević, Goran Lasica,Vukan Lipovina.
Head coach: Zoran Abramović