The teams of HC Vardar and Metalurg realized very important victories
in the 12th Round of the Seha league. Vardar on home court was better than Meshkov Brest, while the team of Metalurg realized a very important win,defeating Zagreb for the first time in this year in the Zagreb Arena.

HC Vardar 29:24 Meshkov Brest (15:16)

Vardar managed to beat Meshkov Brest and increased the chances to qualify in the Final Four in Belgrade. The team of Meshkov Brest came willing to win this match because untill the end every win counts if they want to qualify in the Final Four. They played very good in the first half,having the lead most of the time, that in the 22nd minute was 3 goals difference 9:12. Untill the end of the first half Vardar reduced the score in 15:16.


In the second half the hosts were determined to win the match. They played better difence like the one we are used to watch in the Champions League, and in the 34th minute with the goal of Karacic they took the lead 17:16, that was mantained untill the end of the match.

Вардар-Брест 1

The visitors tried to get back in game when with the goals of Markotic and Shumak managed to tie the result 20:20 in the 42nd minute. But that was not enough, because Vardar mantained the result untill the end for the final result 29:24.

Вардар-Брест 2

Top scorer in the team of Vardar was Timur Dibirov with 8 goals, Brumen scored 7/7. In the team of Meshkov Brest Markotic and Kamyshyk were amazing scoring 8 goals each.
With this victory Vardar increased the chances this year to play on the final four in the Seha League, third time in a row.

Andon Boskovski, Vardar’s coach:

First of all, I want to congratulate to my players for the win. As I said during pre game press conference, Meshkov is a team that has similar quality like Zagreb, Metalurg or Vardar. They also have very good coach, which I know very well, and I would like to mention that, they improved a lot since our last game. Probably the main reason that we were much better at the second half is, because they don’t have so much quality players at the bench. The first half we played with 10 players, we continued the second half with stronger defense, we knew how to realize our chances, that resulted with deserved win. Now we approach to Final Four tournament, and I‘m sure that Vardar will play there, even though we still have to qualify.

Miladin Kozlina, Vardar’s player

I want to thank to everyone in Vardar, because I was impatient to play again. If we talk about the game, we made some mistakes during the first half, but at the second we played much stronger, and once that we found the right way, we have finished the game with confidence.

Robert Markotic, Meshkov’s player :

Congratulations to Vardar for the win that they deserved. We tried our best, but we only could play competitive during the first half. In the second half, we played with many mistakes, and that was decisive for the final result. I also want to congratulate my players, for playing good game tonight, and I hope that in the future we can improve a lot, and we expect much better results.

Zeljko Babic, Meshkov’s coach:

I also want to congratulate Vardar, they deserved to win. They were patient, consistent, and played with the same rhythm during the whole game. We played very well, but only partially. If you want to make a result against a team like Vardar, you must play the same level 60 minutes. And in the end, if you can not use advantage of extra player against such a good team like Vardar, then you lose the game.

Arena: SRC Kale
Spectators: 1500

HC Vardar

Goalkeepers: Milic 5 saves, Angelov 2 saves.
Players: CHIPURIN Mikhail 2, BRUMEN Matjaž 7, DIBIROV Timur 8, ABUTOVIĆ Ilija, DUŠEBAJEV Alex 4, KARAČIĆ Igor 5, PETRIĆ Vladimir 1, TOSKIĆ Alem 1,Pribak Nemanja 1, NEDANOVSKI Vlado, KOZLINA Miladin, STOILOV Stojanče, STOILOV Mitko.

Meshkov Brest

Goalkeepers: Vitalij 2 saves, PEŠIĆ 2 saves.
Players: VALYNTSAU Džianis 1, ASTRASHAPKIN Oleg, USHAL Aliaksei, SRŠEN Domagoj,KARAČIĆ Ivan 2, HAISA Alexey, MILIČEVIĆ David, BARANAU Maksim 2, VUKIĆ Ljubo, ŠUMAK Viačeslau 2, ŠPILER David 1, KAMYSHNYK Dzmnitry 8, MARKOTIĆ Robert 8, ĐUKIĆ Milan.

CO Zagreb 25:30 Metalurg (11:15)

The team of Metalurg after the unespected results realized a very important victory in Zagreb, defeating the hosts with 25:30. With this victory Metalurg kept the chances to qualify in the Final Four. They secured the 4th place on the table,but we have to mention that Metalurg has played 3 games less from the leader Zagreb. The hosts had their first defeat on home court, and they will try to secure the place in the Final Four.

Заг-Мет 1

CO Zagreb has in Zagreb Arena in front of 3,000 supporters hosted Metalurg as a part of 12. round of SEHA GSS league. This was their first clash this season as they will in a week play in Skopje because the match from the first part of the season was delayed due to full schedule both teams had.

Zagreb with the goal of Stepancic in the 2nd minute had the first and only lead in this match. Since then Metalurg took over the controll and showed that came in Zagreb to win the 2 points. The right back Vugrinec had an amazing start of the match and scored easily, and Stanic was finally in his recognizable form on the goal. That was enough for Metalurg, that in the 20th minute had 5 goals difference 6:11. After the time-out that was called by the Zagreb`s coach Dvorsek, Zagreb tried with faster and more organised actions to get back in game but, unsuccessfully. The half ended with a lead of the visitors 11:15.

Заг-Мет 2

In the second half Metalurg continued in the same rhythm and had a constant lead of 3-5 goals difference. Zagreb tried to get back in game when in the 50th minute with the goal of Horvat reduced the result in 21:23. But Metalurg with a new series reached +5 in the 56th minute and the winner was already known.
Top scorers in the team of Metalurg were: Vugrinec with 8 goals and Atman with 7 goals. In the team of Zagreb Sebetic striked 6 times and Horvat 5.

заг-мет  4

Lino Cervar, Metalurg’s coach:

It was nice to come back to Zagreb after a long period. Speaking of the game I believe it was a good quality game. We were simply better today, it was our day. Our good defence has along with too many Zagreb’s clear misses decided the match.

Rade Mijatovic, Metalurg’s goalkeeper:

This was a very good game. We’ve played concentrated in defence and had great Stanic between the bars. Our patience in attack has by this brought us win.

Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb’s coach:

This match has beside the loss brought us something new like the young players Obranovic, Sebetic and Coric. Experience Metalurg’s players like Atman, Vugrinec or Stanic has decided the match.

Teo Coric, CO Zagreb’s line player:

We have big realization problem, we’re missing too many clear shots. We now have to prepare in the best way possible for the match in Skopje and I believe that only thing we have to do is copy our game from practices on matches. Anyway, great match.

Arena: Zagreb Arena

CO Zagreb

Goalkeepers: IVIĆ Filip 6, STEVANOVIĆ Ivan 3.
Players: KALEB Ante 1, OBRANOVIĆ Sandro 3, MANDALINIĆ Stipe 1, VALČIĆ Tonči 1, VALČIĆ Josip, ŠANDRK Josip, HORVAT Zlatko 5, ŠEBETIĆ Luka 6, ČORIĆ Teo 2, STEVANOVIĆ Ivan, ŠPREM Lovro 2, MATULIĆ Jerko 2, STEPANČIĆ Luka 1, MIHIĆ Lovro 1, MARIĆ Marino.


Goalkeepers:STANIĆ Darko 16, MIJATOVIĆ Rade

The first match from this round was played on 29.11 2013 when the team of Lovcen defeated Partizan with 31:28. The round finishes with the match that will be played today in Novi Sad(18h) between Vojvodina and Tatran Presov.