LOVCEN 34-35 ZAGREB CO (15-16)

As expected CO Zagreb came to Cetinje to take the two points in Croatia., but nobody thought that the hosts will give that much resistance. The guests had many problems in their squad but inspite of that managed to win and remain first in the league. This was first time for Lovćen this season to host someone in their hall in Cetinje.

Zagreb has taken the lead from the beginning of the match as brilliant Horvat had 4/4 in game shot and 3/3 from 7 meter line which kept Croatian champion on +3 to 4 goal difference. In the end of the first half Lovćen has reached equaliser at 15:15 but with Valčić’s goal in the final seconds Zagreb went on a half-time break with a lead.

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In the beginning of the fist half, Lovćen had plus three in a few situations, mostly due to great saves from Borilović and some nice moves by Kaluđerović and Popović in attack. In the end hosts did not have enough strength to finish the match, in 52′ minute Zagreb equalized with Matulić’s goal and even had plus 3 in the finish of the match. The final score was 34-35 for the Croatian champion.

Željko Petričević, Lovćen’s coach:

We miss strong games like these because this is how you make your players better. We knew who Zagreb is, tried to surprise them with some variations in defence but Zagreb’s experience has brought them win in the end. We weren’t far from at least a point and that’s what makes us sad but…

Boris Dvoršek, CO Zagreb’s coach:

Very good game, great crowd, people who understand handball. We have managed to win in the end and I believe we deserved it. Lovćen has surprised us with their tactics but luckily we were ready to get used to it and win the match. Congrats to everyone on a great match.

Ante Kaleb, CO Zagreb’s middle back:

Winning points was the most important thing today and we did it. National team break has brought us some bad things but I am happy that we were strong enough as a team to win the match in the end. Now we’re turning to EHF’s CL.

Despite being without several standard players ,Vardar was favorite before the match versus Borac in SEHA GSS league round 9, and home team proved it by winning 28-24 (15-10). For home team game was important to raise the form before the upcoming match against city rival Metalurg in the EHF Champions League on Thursday, and also to give bigger chance to those players who usually spend more time on bench.

Left winger Dobrivoje Markovic used his chance, scoring 10 goals from 14 attempts, including two penalties, goalkeeper Strahinja Milic has also confirmed good form with 13 saves, 11 in the first half.


VARDAR 28-24 BORAC m:tel

It was an easy training for Vardar. Without six standard players they managed to defeat Borac 28:24 and  missed chance to end game with bigger goal deference. From the start of the match it was obvious that Vardar will take the two points, Vardar defense was concentrated and with well coverage of the game, the guests made a lot of mistakes in attack and Vardar punished that, but after a 8 goal lead, Vardar stopped their attack plan was not inventive, the players started missing from clear position and some 100% chances were not used mainly because of the guest goalkeeper Mirza Haseljic’s (15 saves). But still that was not enough for Borac to get close to Vardar’s lead. The quality level was obvious to both teams, that was the reason that Vardar player were so relaxed and deconcentrated through the match. Only Nemanja Bezbradica has in the second half kept Borac alive scoring six goals in a row from 46′ to 56′ minute.

The excellent left wing Dobrivoje Markovic scored 10 goals for Vardar, and Igor Karacic and Matjaz Brumen scored 5 goals, in the guest team most goals scored Srđan Trivundža (7 goals), and Nemanja Bezbradica scored 6.
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Borac was not a true test for Vardar’s capabilities, but it was a good opportunity to test some combinations for the upcoming match against Metalurg in the EHF Velux Champions League on Thursday.

Twice Vardar even had 8 goals advantage ( 22-14, 24-16 ), but always allowing the opponent to come closer to 4-5 goals.

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Jani Cop, Borac’s coach:

– Vardar deserved victory. They used the quality they have in the team. For us next step is  to continue to work and build our game. We are still at the beginning of process of creating a good team. It will take some time. There was obvious difference in quality of the teams.


Mario Blazevic, Borac’s goalkeeper:

– We have given our maximum in this moment. We’re still creating a new team. We have a new coach and still need time to complete the mosaic. Tonight the team gave a strong resistance against Vardar. Players fought till the end and showed character .


Andon Boškovski, Vardar’s coach:

– I am pleased with the defence even though we’ve received more goals them we should which was due to lack of concentration. The realization in attack should be improved. Lazarov had stomach problems and therefore played less. We had to save Abutovic for duels with Metalurg , so he just played in defense.



663_1384030282Two distinct halves, in the first, great game of Vojvodina and the result 16:14, in the second half Vojvodina have not found the solution for great defense of Metalurg, which shows itself in the end result, which was 24:30.

In the ranks of Vojvodina, Stankovic Strahinja played very well, but it was not enough for a positive result. The absence of some players due to injuries among who was representative goalkeeper Kocic, was felt more in the game of the home team.

Metalurg came to Novi Sad without 8 standard players including their star players Pavel Atman and Darko Stanic, but gave the chance to those who do not play that often. The newcomer Corovic took advantage of the chance he was given and did not missed even once, scoring 6 goals for Metalurg. The best player of the match was the excellent left wing of Metalurg and Macedonian NT, Dejan Manaskov with 10 goals. In the home team Strahinja Stankovic scored 6 and Uros Elezovic,  5 goals.


Already in the first few attacks, Tatran showed why AT the table is in second place. Much more experienced and powerful players in hosts defense have closed access to Partizan young attacking players, and Presov’s routine attack easily finished with the ball in the net of the guests.

After 27 minute the lead was 12 goals, and at halftime it rose to 16 (24:8).

The quality difference of the individuals and the good organization of the game was indicated by the fact that in the first 30 minutes Tomas Urban scored seven goals for his team, one fewer than all the players together in Partizan.

It was heavier training for the hosts, and opportunity to show their strength to their final four opponents, while the black and white tortured almost nine minutes to score. Hosts series was broken with the goal by Matičić , after who one of two debutants,Lazar Kukić enrolled in the list of scorers.

The two goals, however, did not prevented Tatran to increase the difference, and it eventually reached 27 goals.

The most efficient in Tatran was Tomas Urban with eight goals, while  Mijajlo Marsenić  scored seven times for Partizan.

– There is no need at all to talk about how this is a deserved victory for Tatran, the result says it all. We knew before the game, and tonight just confirmed that this is one of the best teams in the league SEHA – said after the match Partizan coach Aleksandar Brković .


Belarus Meshkov Brest show his potential and team quality, winning 26-20 versus Nexe, and after five games in SEHA GSS league jump few places on table, and is only two points behind Croatian team (have played four games more). Guest team has only one option, victory on this match, to stay on course for Final Four tournament. After won domestic derby against SKA Minsk, team headed by Zeljko Babic in the next 30 days will play a series of matches in SEHA GSS league.


Guest from Nasice “stayed in game” only 26 minutes when they managed for the last time to equalize the result (10-10) through Mijo Tomic. Nexe start with 3-1 lead, but Meshkov defense managed to stop guest players and in three minutes make reversal (4-3). Youngster in Nexe team played another tough game, showing their quality, but encouraged hosts in last four minutes score three times in row by Karacic and Vukic for lead 13-10.

Meshkov enter in second half with thinking that game is already decided as they finally broke guest resistance. But Luka Sokolic score twice and reduce to 13-12. Instead of new drama on court, Meshkov made 7-2 series for new lead 20-14 (45 minute) which means that finally guests put down their arms.

In last 15 minutes from the regular time, Meshkov always have 4-6 goals advantages, and expected for final referees whistle. Nexe goalkeeper Perica Lelic save three penalties, but his 9 saves wasn’t enough to help their teammates to won some point.