Today at 18h in Belgrade Arena will be played the first semi-final between the host Serbia and the biggest surprise in this competition the team of Poland. What can we expect from this match?

Serbia vs. Poland, 18h Belgrade Arena


The national team of Serbia as a host entered with huge ambitions in this competition. After the last years European Championship played in their country, where they were placed on the 4th position, now they are ready to go one step forward and win the long desired medal. The Serbian girls are doing great job so far, and everything is going as they planned. On this Championship they have only one defeat against the excellent national team of Brazil in the group phase. On the road to get to the Semi-Final, they managed to defeat great times like Denmark( Group phase 23:22),and the amazing Norway in the quarter-final with 28:25. With this victories the Serbian team showed that is capable to go until the end in this Championship.

They have amazing players in the team but the real leader is the central back Andrea Lekic that leads the team in the toughest situations. She is amazing scorer and also great assistant helping the team to develop better game. Vardar`s central back will be supported by the amazing Damjanovic, Liscevic and the goalkeeper Tomasevic.


Of course and the home court will be a big advantage for the Serbian team, knowing that the quarter-final match against Norway had the biggest rating in the history of the Womens Handball with 16.028 viewers. Tonight we expect spectacular atmosphere. The Serbian team enters in this match with a chance to make a history, the final in the full Belgrade Arena was their biggest motivation. Will they be able to make their dream come true? We will see tonight at 18h.


After 7 years they came back on the World Handball scene, directly in the Semi-Final. The national team of Poland is the biggest surprise on the Women`s Handball World Championship in Serbia. Their last appearance was on the World`s Handball Championship in France, placed on the 11th position. An interesting fact is that their biggest success relates with the World`s Handball Championship in Yugoslavia 1973 where they won the 5th place.

Will the history repeat? This time in Serbia,Belgrade( the capital of former Yugoslavia),they have a chance to make history for the Women`s Polish Handball. With the qualification in the Semi-Final they have already pass that best ranking, because they will be placed at least on the 4th position. But now their ambitions are on a much higher level, the desire to qualify in the final is huge, and that is something that nobody can take away from them. One thing is certain, they will be not under pressure.


All that has been done so far is like a fairy tale that they will try to continue. They have an extremely tough rival, the host Serbia that will play in front of their supporters in Belgrade Arena. But with the victories against Romania in 1/8 final and the 1/4 final against France the Polish team showed that is ready for big matches. Of course huge influence on their physical and psychological condition has the Danish couch Kim Rasmussen that came in the team in 2010 and incorporated some Scandinavian elements in the game that brought Poland to the top in this Championship. They play as a team, all together, and that is why represent a threat for every rival. They have players like Karolina Kudlacz, and Karolina Szwed that play in Leipzig and Karolina Siodmiak that plays in Fleury Loiret in France, from whom the Polish supporters expect a lot. Will the Polish handball fairy tale countinue tonight? We will see at 18h in Belgrade Arena.