The first round of the ASOBAL League 2013/2014 starts this Friday in Huesca with matches  starting  from 21:00 and end on Saturday also in Aragon with the match which will be played in Zaragoza from 20.15. FC. Barcelona start the defense of the title won last season playing before their fans at the Palau Blaugrana.
And this year the big favourite for the title is the team of Barcelona.They made a real dream-team bringing in their team two mega stars, Kiril Lazarov and Nikola Karabatic. The stars from the last season( Rutenka, Thomas, Nodesbo, Sterbik) and the superstars that signed this year the Macedonian Kiril Lazarov and the French Nikola Karabatic compound a magnificent and unstoppable team. After the bankrupt of their biggest rival Atletico Madrid, Europe lost one of the biggest derby matches.
Because of the economical crisis, most teams in Asobal sold their best players and will be competing mostly with youngsters from all over Europe. Barcelona do not have that problem so their title this year as Spanish champions is guaranteed. But there will be great battles for the second place where teams like Naturhouse LaRoja, Adamar Leon and Aragon will make this season interesting.