сехаMatch between Brest Meshkov and Tatran started the new season in handball SEHA league. After starting two seasons, this year as the main sponsor enters Russian oil giant Gazprom and it is expected the organization and quality of the league to be at much higher level. The vision of the league is to become a global project that will bring quality, distinctive to Balkan region, which will be equal to the largest European brands, and SEHA – GAZPROM South Stream League among three strongest leagues in Europe. The teams this year must meet certain standards if they want to be involved in the competition. Team Lovcen( Cetinje) had to renovate their hall, and Metalurg (Skopje) will play their matches in Veles (Macedonian city) because their venues do not meet the new criteria of Seha competition.

The SEHA league (South East Handball Association) consists of two phases – the first has 18 rounds in which all teams play one home and one away game against each other. After that the four best ranked clubs play at The Final Four tournament(this year hosted in Belgrade or Novi Sad).The winner automatically retains the right to play again next season. Other places would be filling with the best teams from each country participating in the SEHA League.This year the following teams participate in Seha competition: Vardar, Metalurg(Skopje,Macedonia) Vojvodina(Novi Sad, Serbia),Partizan( Belgrade, Serbia),Croatia Osiguranje( Zagreb, Croatia), Nexe( Nasince, Croatia),Lovcen( Cetinje, Montenegro), Borac M:Tel(Banja Luka, BIH), Brest Meshkov( Meshkov, Belarus), Tatran( Presov, Slovakia).

Return of Serbian teams

After a one-year break Serbian teams will return in SEHA. This year it will be teams of Vojvodina and Partizan.Vojvodina as Serbian champion participated in champions league qualification tournament and did not qualify, but their quality is undoubtful and will bring freshness and more interesting duels in the competition, especially on home ground.

First round results

10.9 Croatia Osiguranje-Nexe 37-30
7.9 Metalurg-Vardar 28-28
7.9 Borac M:Tel-Lovcen 26-33
7.9 Partizan-Vojvodina 23-25
5.9 Meshkov Brest-Tatran 28-30