Just two days before the French league “All-stars” weekend in the match that was postponed and was played as a Round 10 match, the first shock for the great PSG Handball team happened!
Dunkerque as a host won against the French champions PSG, with 25-21(13-11). With this victory, Dunkerque climbs to the top of the Franch championship and let Motpellier and PSG know that this year they will also try to take the title in this competition. Top scorers for PSG Handball were Fahrudin Melic, and Daniel Narcisse with four goals and for the winning team Jaleleddine TOUATI and Baptiste BUTTO scored 7 times each.The home goalkeeper Vincent GERARD had 18 saves, four more than his opponent Patrice ANNONAY, who had 14 saves.

The start of the match belonged to Dunkerque, with a score from Jaleleddine Touati the home team had 3-0 advantage. The Parisians needed 7 minutes to consolidate and finally in the 8-th minute with the score by Samuel Honrubia they took the lead 4-5 and increased it with the goal by Daniel Narcisse (4-6). But the home team was very motivated they wanted the victory more and with great series of five goals in a row in the middle of the first half, they were in the lead with four goals (10-6,19′). The guests tried to retaliate but their efforts were not enough to eliminate Dunkerque’s lead. After 30 minutes the score was 13-11.
The second half was completely under Dunkerque control, they were constantly in the lead throughout the second half and finally managed to take all the points from this match. PSG came close to Dunkerque’s lead and three times tied the score. PSG even had an attack for the lead at 18-18 but Garcia lost the ball, and it was over for PSG, Dunkerque made 3-0 series, and managed to increase it in the last ten minutes for the final 25-21.

Post game

Roman Guillard (Dunkirk)

It was a match of warriors and we are very very happy to have won. But for games like this, it takes 2 teams, so we must also congratulate Paris for their performance. It was really difficult and not detached until the very end of meeting. Was not afraid when they returned, otherwise it is a blow to sink. The defense was there,  Vincent Gérard was huge and is currently the best French goalkeeper. In attack was well respected draft game We really fought throughout the game and it’s really good to win in this environment before this audience that pushed us. If you could please these people, it’s great and we hope that  Dunkirk people are proud of this team. Taking first place in being where few people were waiting for us. We will now have a status to assume. But that  will be in a few days, after a little break and tonight we will celebrate this success and then face Kielce without sulking our pleasure!



  • 1DUNKIRK                       19

  • 2PARIS                             19

  • 3MONTPELLIER               17

  • 4TOULOUSE                    13

  • 5NANTES                          12

  • 6CESSON-RENNES           12

  • 7SAINT RAPHAEL            12

  • 8NÎMES                            9

  • 9CHAMBÉRY                   9

  • 10AIX                               9

  • 11SÉLESTAT                    8
  • 12DIJON                          6

  • 13TREMBLAY                  5

  • 14IVRY                             4