In a very interesting match, the hosts, Pick Szeged deservingly obtained a minimal victory over their biggest rival the Hungarian champion MKB Veszprem 23-22 (14-8).

Szeged discontinued the long series of unbeaten games of Veszprem. Now they have four points more, in the national championship, but Veszprem has a match less.

Alilovic started the game in great shape, and Ilic, and Sulic led their Veszprém at the beginning of the match. A quick two goals for the guest and  Ilyés scored for the third goal for the hosts (3-2), but Ilic seemed untenable, so in the 18 Minutes after the fifth goal, Veszprem had two goals lead, 6-8  at the scoreboard.

What followed next, hardly anyone expected! Mikler simply pulled down the  blinds on his goal, and the guests did not scored any goals from that point to the end of the first half. Meanwhile Szeged outfield players, under the command of  Ancsin made huge series of 8-0 , and at the half-time it was 14-8 for the home team.

The defending champions did not gave up, of course, Ilic was in the mood and after three minutes  the difference was decreased to only three goals 14-11, but  Ancsin again took matters in his own hands and Szeged kept the five goals difference, 18-13 in 40th minute. Then Carlos Ortega switched the goalkeeper of Veszprém, Fazekas was the crucial element of closing the gap , the guests gradually melted the goal difference and in 51 minute Ilics equalized (20-20).

After Fazekas’ new defense,  Parrondo took the advantage and scored, Ancsin even took the hosts to two goals difference, 22-20. One and a half minutes till the end Vranješ scored an amazing goal for 23-21, and the winner of this match was known. The “super derby” ended 23-22, a big victory of Pick Szeged against one of the best teams in the world.

Juan Carlos Pastor: 
– In the first 30 minutes we just received eight goals, it was very important. In the end, we are very tired, which showed in the team, it was exciting to the end. After the replacement of the goalkeeper, Fazekas onset the Veszprém  defense, but in the end failed to decide the match. Without our fans, this certainly would not have be success, and at least  many thanks to my players. We haven’t just won today, but also the Hungarian handball. Thanks to the leadership of our team that chose me for this position and that I can be on the bench in such games. 
Carlos Ortega: 
– Defensively it was very tough match for both teams. In the first half, the last ten minutes of the attack, we were not able to perform well, to score the collected there is much for handicap. Mikler played well protecting his goal, yet we got back into the match, with a chance  for a draw as well, but failed to score. 
Ancsin Gabor 
– For these moments, is worth playing handball. I’m tired, but this victory gives strength, so I’m getting better. 
Nandor Fazekas: 
– In vain they said we are the favorites, you have to prove it on court. The Szeged had more time to prepare for this match. I always play tough matches here, it is certain that this was not the last major battle of the season.
Pick Szeged – MKB-MVM Veszprém 23-22 (14-8)
Referees: Kékes Csaba, Kékes Pál
Pick Szeged: Mikler, Tatai, Tóth – Mindegía 4, Kekezovic 1, Vadkerti 2, Larholm 1/1, Gidai, Zubai 1, Ilyés 2, Balogh, Blazevic, Sulc, Parrondo 2, Vranjes 2, Ancsin 8
Coach: Juan Carlos Pastor
MKB-MVM Veszprém: Fazekas, Alilovic – Gulyás 3, Iváncsik G. 1, Schuch, Iváncsik T., Ruesga, Ilic 10/3, Nagy L. 1, Jamali, Ugalde 2, Chema Rodríguez 2, Terzic, Sulic 3, Pesic
Coach:  Carlos Ortega