Macedonian champion Vardar suffered surprising defeat ( 34-37 ) from Tatran at 4. SEHA league round, at home in the ” Fortress ” Kale , which was a replay of the match from last season in SEHA , when Slovaks also beat the “red and black”.

Despite a good start to the match and good pace with 3-0 series in the first ten minutes, when Varadar had a lead of four goals difference ( 8-4 , 9-5 ) , red – black team failed in the last seven minutes of the first half and ruined the impression that they will dominate this game, Tatran made impressive 8-0 series. In 22. minute Toskic scored for 13-11 after which Vardar attack fully stopped. There were a lot of mistakes in attack, like their game was read by the guests coach , Tatran used that advantage and with quick counter attacks made series 6-0 and led with 17-13 surprising everyone in the arena. The crowd was not happy ,the home fans “Komiti” started chanting the name of Vardar’s former coach Veselin Vujovic, but the new head coach Kastratović did not budge , he did not change anything in particular , except replacing Vardar’s right back Petric with youngster Alex Dujshebaev.

But nothing changed for Vardar – poor performance of the back line with no idea in attack. The second half was a continuation of poor play, especially in defense , and Tatran continued the series and reached seven goals difference ( 22-15 ) in 35 minute. Vardar tried to get back into the game, they came to three goals deference but Tatran always responded in the same manner.

Six minutes before the end, Dibirov had penalty for two goals difference but he missed, the score stayed 29-32, Tatran scored two more goals and the difference was unreachable for Vardar. Mite Stoilov had a chance to get Vardar to only one goal difference , 40 seconds before the end, but Krupa stopped his attempt.

The most effective was Dibirov with nine goals , and Lazarov with five goals . The guests, Urban scored 10 goals and Krupa had 14 saves.