FC Barcelona 31:24 Rhein-Neckar Löwen (15:11)

Palau Blaugrana, Barcelona


Barcelona is Barcelona, that is the summary of second lag match that Barcelona won with 7 goals. In the first match Rhein Neckar celebrated with 38-31 and hoped they could reach the Final Four, but they underestimated the experience and the hunger for success that Barcelona had. Since Spanish championship is not very competitive and Karabatic, Lazarov, Shterbik and their team mates cruised through this season, the only real challenge for the superstars from Barcelona is the EHF Velux Champions League.
The hosts gradually built their lead, which on the half time was four goals, and in the end reached the desired seven goals and with more goals scored in away game they booked their ticket to Cologne.Best player in Barcelona was Nikola Karabatic, who scored 7 goals, on the opposite side Groetzki scored 7 goals as well.
They are now the biggest favorites for winning the trophy.

MKB-MVM Veszprém 31:26 PSG Handball (12:12)

Veszprem Arena, Veszprem


PSG knew they had very little chance since they came to Hungary with minus two goals from the first lag. They bravely put a fight in the first half which was not enough to defeat Veszprem. On the other hand Veszprem was more tactical in the first half, which finished equalized 12-12. But they did not want to gamble with their faith, they put in greater gear in the second half and managed to defeat the Parisians with five goals difference and triumphantly celebrated their advancement in the Final Four stage.

THW Kiel 34 : 26 HC Metalurg (19:11)

Sparkassen Arena Kiel


In a game between Kiel and Metalurg, which was just formality since Kiel won with 10 goals in Skopje, the hosts controled and successfully finished the match. It was a chance for younger Metalurg players to prove themselves to coach Cervar for the remaining matches in their national league.
Klien with 8 and Vugrinec with 7 were the top scorers for their team. The referees gave three red cards in this match despite the exhibitional character.