Group B

THW Kiel 34:25 Orlen Wisla Plock (16:11)

The “zebras” in their Arena were hosts of the Polish team Orlen Wisla Plock. It was a very important game for both teams. Kiel is fighting for the top position on the table,while the hosts arrived in Germany willing to make a surprise and to increase the chances to qualify in the top 16.

The match started with an equalised game and both teams were playing goal by goal until the 12th minute when Kiel made a series of 3-0 and with the goal of Ekberg from counterattack had a lead of 10:7 in the 16th minute. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, but Kiel was more organized and with better difence,gradually increasing the lead that in the 29th minute was 16:10. In that period the goalkeeper of the hosts Palicka was amazing helping his team to score easy goals by conterattacks. The halftime finished with 16:11.


In the second half Kiel continued to play in the same rhythm, constantly increasing the lead. Untill the middle of the second half the difference was between 5-7 goals for Kiel. Nenadic and Toromanovic were trying to get their team back in game but without any success. Untill the end Kiel increased the lead in the highest and final 34:25.

Arena: Sparkassen Arena
Spectators: 8600

THW Kiel

Palmarsson 9, Vujin 7, Jicha 6, Klein 2, Sigurdsson 2, Sprenger 2, Toft Hansen 2, Ekberg 1, Jallouz 1, Wiencek 1, Zeitz 1, Palicka, Jöstrand.

Orlen Wisla Plock

Nenadic 9, Lijewski 5, Toromanovic 4, Wisniewski 3, Kavas 2, Eklemovic 1, Nikicevic 1, Goralski, Kwiatkowski, Milas, Morawski, Piechowski, Segol, Wichary, Zrnic.

Bogdan Nicolae Stark (ROU) and Romeo Mihai Stefan (ROU)
Tono Huelin (ESP)