imageIn the match of round two in EHF Champions League THW Kiel won against KIF Kolding Kobenhavn 29-26.
It was a tough and equal match were neither team got into a decent lead.The game started with a goal from the guests in the full Sparkassen-Arena.But Jicha with two goals took the initiative and brought Kiel their first lead 2-1, they even had a lead of two goals 6-4 when Marko Vujin scored from 9 meters but the guests never gave up and in 17 minute had a equalizer 7-7 and even took the lead with the goal from Rocas 7-8, when evreyting look grat for KIF Rocas missed penalty shot for two goal difference and the punishment came through Jicha for 9-9. KIF Kolding was more concentrated in the finishing moments of the first half and had two goals lead in 27 minute, which they kept until the end of the first half (12-14).
In the second, Kiel motivation was bigger, they scored two quick goals and equalized at 14-14.From that moment the match was played goal by goal until Kiel made 3-0 series and in 41 minute Klein scored for 20-17. KIF Kolding retured with Rocas and Spelerberg goals and the result was 20-19.In the final 10 minutes Kiel players ware more concentrated and made three goals lead 24-21 in 53 minute, which gueranteed the win, the guest only managed to came to one goal lag (last in 57 minute 26-25) but Palicka rose up to the task and did not let any surprises.The final score was 29-26.
Top scorer for Kiel was Jicha with 11 goals, Ekberg scored 5, and for KIF Kolding Kobenhabn, Karlsson scored 9, and Rocas 5 goals.