Main Round, Women’s Champions League

1 February 2014, Ikast, Denmark

Dramatic victory for the hosts.

FC Midtjylland turned the match around and in the end, secured two points against IK Sävehof. The match started evenly and both teams appeared structured. Sabine Englert and Filippa Idéhn were responsible for several fine saves between the posts, which, logically enough, caused the score to be leveled.  The Final 8 game was on the program in Brande Arena, where the favorites from FC Midtjylland took Swedish IK Sävehof in the Champions League. Despite the favorite role, it required all forces to defeat the  Swedish champion away from Gothenburg.
Even though, Nycke Groot scored the first goal 1-0, it was the visitors who came motivated and eager to win  in Brande Arena. The fast and versatile back row player Jamina Roberts was behind two of the three scores that gave the Swedes a surprising,  but fully deserved lead 1-3, against an FCM team that could not even get started. With ten minutes played, it was 3-3. Groot and Trine Østergaard tied the score. Two penalty for the home side would, however, have changed the position, but both Nycke Groot and Stine Jørgensen attempts ended in Filippa Idehn. Instead the visitors took the lead. After 20 minutes it was 7-10 for the Swedish champion. Even so, the home team, having lagged for 30 minutes, had  the energy to go on a break with two goals deficit 12-14.V10437_ehfwomenszzzlive_zpvpftbbqk57byslThe home team had a better opening in the second half and ten minutes in the game they equalized at 17-17. As was expected from a now quivering arena that wolves were to put the underdog Swedes in place, but it did not happened.
Ten minutes from the end it was still a tie at 20-20. Stine Jørgensen drew a penalty, that Simone Rasmussen translate into 21-20 and the first FCM lead since 1-0. Wing player was given the same opportunity just a half minutes later, but this time her attempt was stopped by Johanna Bundsen who got her chance between the posts instead of Filippa Idehn.
Everything was ready for a true nail biting ending. With just 43 seconds left, Fie Woller scored her third goal from the wing, and with 25-24 nothing was settled. Sävehof bench threw timeout, but despite a late penalty to Stine Jørgensen, the visitors did not get through to scoring. Even though – perhaps rightfully – could appeal for a penalty in the very dying seconds.Swedish champion held more than hard, but ultimately FC Midtjylland secured, two dramatic Champions League points against Sävehof. Top scorers in the home team were Groot and Troelsen with four goals, and Oden with 9 and Roberts with 8 goals were the leaders  of IK Sävehof.