Macedonian champion Vardar needед 30 minutes to “break resistance” of Meshkov Brest and leaves Belarus with victory 27-23 (14-14) in third round of SEHA GSS league. This is second Vardar’s win in last two months in mutual matches, second this season in Regional SEHA GSS league. At least one day “red-black” will be SEHA lieder with seven points from three matches and will wait for result from tomorrow game Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb – Partizan.
For Belarus team this is second home defeat this season, as they also lost in first round from Tatran Preshov, entered into a bad series of defeats.
From “minus 3” in 40 minutes, Meshkov manage to reduce to 18-19 and 19-20. And that was all they do. Vardar has three series in row scoring two goals and five minutes from the end Matjaz Brumen realize penalty for 24-20. Good sign for Vardar to start celebrate on bench another victory.
Alex Dujsehbaev once again was “man of the match” scoring 5/5,including the last three goals for the Macedonian champion.
Coach Zoran Kastratovic decides to rest goalkeeper Strahinja Milic and gave chance to newcomer Petar Angelov and Spanish Aldave Malumbres.
Best players in the team of Meshkov were Tatarin and Sumak scoring 5 goals.

Zoran Kastratovich, head coach of «Vardar»: «Thank you for the correct match».

You have witnessed the very correct match, in which both opponents showed all the beauty of handball. In both halves I’ve used all the players, who arrived in Brest. I would like to note that we had very difficult match in Minsk on Wednesday. Today our team looked better. During the game we controlled the result. I would like to thank our players and the opposing team players for the good match.

Mikhail Chipurin «Vardar»:

Thank you for the warm welcome. The game was very tense. All struggled and fought in full force. It seems to me that our goalkeepers have worked better. And the team played quite well at the defense.

Zeljko Babic, head coach BGK: We showed 100% of our today’s opportunities»

Today my players compared with the previous game played handball. They played strong in defense. I think that today we showed 100% of our opportunities. In the second half we had some good goal-scoring opportunities but didn’t use them. However the opponent didn’t miss this chance.

Dmitry Kamyshik, player of BGK: Prepared for the match well. And the game made up good. “Vardar” played a little bit better in the second half: the best in protection, and at the end of the match we had been pressed in attack.