Group C

HC Metalurg 24:24 Wacker Thun (11:14)

The players of HC Metalurg entered in this match with a wish to secure the victory early. That is how they started the match and in the middle of the first half had a lead of 4 goals, 7:3 and 8:4. After this series of Metalurg the coach of Wacker Thun was forced to call timeout. And when everybody thought that Metalurg will keep playing in the same rhythm, suddenly happend a real shock for the fans in the Arena “Boris Trajkovski”. The goalkeeper Winkler had a real show on the goal, saving many shots, including the two 7 meter shots in the same attack in the 24th minute. In this period Von Deschwanden was real leader in the team of Wacker Thun scoring 8 goals. Wacker made a series of 9:3 and finished the half with a surprising lead of 11:14.


Metalurg was unrecognisable in the biggest part of the second half. The huge number of mistakes and missed penalties, permitted the constant lead of the visitors between 3-4 goals difference until the 50th minute. In the last 10 minutes Metalurg had to play more organised to turn the result. With the result of 18:21 for Wacker Thun in the 50th minute,with the goals of Mojsovski and Vugrinec 2, Metalurg maneged to tie the result 21:21 in the 54th minute to cause a real eruption in the Arena.

And when everybody thought that in the last 6 minutes Metalurg will secure the victory, the visitors with the goals of Hüsser and Chalkidis had a lead again with 2 goals difference 21:23 in the 57th minute. After all Metalurg managed to save a point from this match with the goals of Vugrinec and Ojlevski in counterattack in the last minute. The final result was 24:24.

Key moment: Wacker’s goalkeeper Winkler was amazing on the goal saving 6 penalties.

Arena: Boris Trajkovski
Spectators: 5500

HC Metalurg

Vugrinec 7, Atman 5, Mojsovski 4, Manaskov 3, Dimovski 2, Georgievski 1, Mirkulovski 1, Ojleski 1, Jonoski, Kedzo, Markoski, Mijatovic, Z.Mojsovski, Pecakovski, Peshevski, Stanic.
Head coach: Lino Cervar

Wacker Thun

Von Deschwanden 8, Hüsser 4, Rathgeb 4, Dähler 3, Linder 2, Chalkidis 1, Friedli 1, Studer 1, Bhend, Caspar, Huwyler, Isailovic, Lanz, Merz, Winkler.
Head Coach: Martin Rubin

REFEREES Andrej Kaveshnikov (RUS) and Petr Plotnikov (RUS)
EHF-DELEGATE: Panos Antoniou (CYP)