Second defeat in the Champions League: HC Leipzig on Saturday was defeated by the Swedish champion IK Sävehof with 28:34 (15:18).

The team of coach Thomas Örneborg could not compensate for the loss of three injured internationals.


At the beginning it was a leveled duel. What the middle back of Leipzig worked hard for in the attack, was leveled quickly through rapid goals from the Swedes. In just the first ten minutes  HCL hit the post three times. This chance was used by Sävehof players, who made no mistake and  for the first time were in a lead with three goals, 8:5. Leipzig took a time-out break.

The guests were mercilessly in the final fifteen minutes of the first half and dominated the action on the floor. HCL goalkeeper Melanie Herrmann brought her team back in the game, with three saves in a row from the 23 minute. Laipzig players could not score from the seven meters line which was the main reason why they went on a break lagging three goals 15:18.
The seven-meter curse was broken by Susann Müller with the first goal after the break for 16:18. But because Leipzig’s defense was like a Swiss cheese, the home team were never closer than a goal. When the Swede Ida Oden in the 51st minute hit the net for the 28:23 minute, all hopes that the hosts could turn this match around, were gone.

HC Leipzig: Müller 8, Szwed Orneborg 6, Augsburg 4, Lang 3, Bont 2, Rösike 2, Visser 2, Kudlacz 1, Herrmann, Mazzucco, Plöger, Urbicht
IK Savehof: 9 Oden, 8 Alm, 6 Roberts, 3 Dafe, 3 Fogelström, 2 Blohm, 2 Tegstedt, 1 Sand, Granberg, Haraldsdottir, Idehn, Karlsson, Sundberg, Wikensten

WHC Vardar SCBT  39:26  RK Podravka:  A beginning of a new era…


Vardar held true handball lesson to Podravka in “Boris Trajkovski” Arena in Skopje. The hosts increased the advantage throughout the game whether the first line-up was on the court or the girls from the bench got a chance to play. It was clear that Podravka has no capacity to surprise the Macedonian champion.

The home team was led by Radichevic and Lekic, who together scored more than half goals for Vardar. The two newcommers in Vardar were responsable for the domination of the home team in the first half. In that period Vardar’s goalkeeper Laynaud with ten saves did not let Podravka  hope for any kind of connection in the game.

Vardar went ahead 5-2, followed by 10-4, and reached the highest 17-4 in the last third of the first half. At the halftime break was 11 goals difference (18-7). Podravka started the second part very well, they even managed to return to single-digit advantage, 19-10, because Vardar players were not concentrated in defense and tried to play more attractive handball. But that was all the Croatian champion did in this match, the home team quickly restored the two-digit advantage, which reached  +14  (30-16). By the end, despite the many changes in the team,Vardar routinely recorded their second victory in the Champions League with 39-26.

Radichevic with eight goals was the top scorer, Lekic and Maya Zebic scored seven, in the team of RK Podravka top scorer was Havic with 7 goals.



Indira Kastratovic (coach of Vardar WHC SCBT): 

I am blessed with my handball players, they gave their maximum, each girl who got the chance to play whether it was five, ten, or thirty minutes, gave her best. It is the beginning of a new era of good results for Vardar. Our goal is to advance in the following phase of the Champions League. In every game we are going for a win , the level of our game will increase from match to match.

Joan Radichevic (Vardar WHC SCBT):

I am happy that match after match, we play better and better and the fact that all players are giving their maximum. Congratulations to Podravka for the good match, but at this time we are better. For us there was only one option in this match – a victory, and it has been achieved. Thanks to the audience who came in larger number over the first game, but hopefully in the next matches will be even more numerous. We showed that we are worth and we are giving our best, the audience deserves that.

Goran Mrgjen (coach RK Podravka Vegeta):

I congratulate Vardar for the victory they were better it was obvious. The atmosphere was also an important factor,it is not same to play in front of empty or full arena. For us this is a great experience. When we got the group, it was clear that Vardar will surely reach the next stage, and our goal was to go through Bera Bera are now we are on a halfway. This for us was a similar game as that with Larvik, but I am more satisfied of this particular engagement in the game in the second half.

Dina Havic (RK Podravka Vegeta) :

When we came here we new that it will be a tough match that Vardar has a good team in which most of their players have won many titles. We gave everything we got, but it was not enough.

WHC Vardar SCBT: Radicevic 8, Lekic 7, Zebic 7, Djokic 4, Dembele 3, Klikovac 2, Lojpur 2, Pineau 2, Crvenkoska 1, Kostiukova 1, Nikolic 1, Shteriova 1, Fernandez Molinos, Khmyrova, Leynaud, Suslina
RK Podravka: 7 Havic, 5 Trifunovic, 4 Gavranic, 4 Milanovic Litre, 3 Vukojevic, 1 Covic, 1 Nmaskalo,1 Zivkovic, Dragisic, Jukic, Kapitanovic, Milenkovic, Poljak, Pongrac, Vidak

HCM Baia Mare 24:23 Hypo Niederösterreich: Baia Mare barely kept their chances for the top two spots in the group A

Not many would bet that Baia Mare would defeat the great Hypo. But truth be told, Hypo is far from his glory days and the defeat against Baia Mare as much surprise as it was, is reflection of Hypo’s condition and lack of quality to be among the best eight clubs in Europe. The Romanian champion makes it interesting in group A, because there are no clear favorites for the second place in that group anymore, since the first place is reserved for the defending champion Gyor.


Trailing by four goals at half-time to the four-time Champions League winners, Baia Mare blew away Hypo in the second half and delighted over 2,000 fan. A great performance in the second period from Baia Mare was the reason for closing the gap to just one goal (13:12) before with another storming series made them a two-goal advantage (20:18) 10 minutes before the end. Both teams gave as much as they have in a heart-stopping finale and it was Aneta Pirvut who grabbed the winner with just a few seconds remaining, sending the boisterous home fans into raptures.

Having eight different scorers was the key to victory for the home side, whose right wing Adriana Nechita led the way with six goals. Pivot Timea Tatar added five, Melinda Geiger netted four and Renata Ghionea chipped in with three goals for Baia Mare.

Hypo, on the other hand, could rely on the prolific trio of Alexandra Do Nascimento, Gorica Acimovic and Fernanda Franca da Silva to combine for 18 of their goals, as each of them rifled in six.

Ana Paula Rodrigues added four and Deonise Fachinello scored one but the rest of the roster was goal-shy and the visitors paid the price, as they also missed three of their seven penalty shots.

HCM Baia Mare: Nechita 6, Tatar 5, Geiger 4, Ghionea 3, ltean 2, Pirvut 2, Marin 1, Rudics 1, Bondar, Cetateanu, Dinis Vartic, Puiu, Szucs, Tanasie, Tomescu, Ungureanu
Hypo Niederösterreich:6 Acimovic, 6 Do Nascimento, 6 Franca da Silva, 4 Rodrigues, 1 Cavaleiro Fachinello, Arenhart, Carvalho Carneiro Diniz, Dias Minto, Gomes da Rocha, Hajgato, Kaiser, Mauler, Müller, Rotis-Nagy, Sanko, Spiridon