Group D

The “tornado” Vardar pass through Koprivnica!

HC Podravka Vegeta – HC Vardar SCBT 17:35(10:16)

Maybe it is a new team in women’s handball, but WHC Vardar SCBT becomes a real “beast” that game after game shows bigger domination. This time that was felt by the team of HC Podravka Vegeta that in two games was literally blown away. Although in the match in Skopje, Vardar won with 13 goals difference, in the 4th round Macedonian champion defeated Podravka on their court with 18 goals 17:35 (10:16).
This was the best match for Vardar so far in the season. They played furiously in the whole match and smashed their rival. This is their 3rd win out of 4, and second away win.

Вардар-Подравка 1

HC Vardar SCBT started the game with aggressive defence and fast counterattacks and in the initial 10 minutes made a 3-4 goals difference. Thanks to the back players trio Khmyrova-Lekic-Nikolic, the fast wings Dembele and Radicevic, and the amazing Leynaud on the goal the result first of all was 3:7, than 4:10 and the half time ended 10:16.

In the second half WHC Vardar continued to play in the same rhythm, with the difference that now on the goal was Ina Suslina that continued in the same stile as Laynaud. The hosts were trying to get back in game but Vardar`s defence did not allow the return of the rival. The team of Indira Kastratovic played wonderful in this match. The difference increased minute by minute, and in the middle of the second half was 10 goals diference 12:22. In the continuation of the match Kastratovik gave a chance to all the players of the team, that was used successfully. They continued their precision and reached 35 goals. The final result was 17:35.

Вардар-Подравка 3

With this win the team of WHC Vardar two rounds until the end of the group phase managed to qualify through the 8 best teams. Remains to see if they will qualify first or second in the group. The matches against Bera Bera Balonmano and especially against Larvik will give the answer of this question. After this win WHC Vardar is first in the group with 7 points, same as Larvik but Vardar has a better goal-difference.

KOPRIVNICA – Sports Hall- Franjo Galović. Spectators: 2000. Referees: Aleksandar Pandžić and Ivan Mosorinski (Serbia). Delegate: Predrag Pavićević (Montenegro).

HC PODRAVKA VEGETA: Jukić (2+0), Milenković (4+0); Čović, Gavranić, Pongrac 1, Havić, Živković 4, Vukojević 3, Nemaškalo 1, Zagorščak, Milanović Litre 2, Dragišić, Vidak 2, A. Oremović, Trifunović 3(3), Poljak. Coach: Goran Mrđen.

HC VARDAR SCBT: Leynaud (8+0), Suslina (10+1); Kostiukova, Radičević 2, Đokić, Shteriova 1(1), Nikolić 3(1), Dembele 4, Fernandez 2, Zebić 2(1), Klikovac, Crvenkoska 3(2), Khmyrova 5, Lekić 8, Lojpur 1, Dmitrović 3. Coach: Indira Kastratović.

7 meter throws: Podravka Vegeta 4(3), Vardar SCBT 5(5).
Expulsions: Podravka Vegeta 8 minute (Čović, Živković, Milanović Litre, Trifunović), Vardar SCBT 4 minute (Kostiukova, Dembele).
Player of the match: Andrea Lekić (Vardar SCBT).

Larvik easy against Bera Bera

Larvik HK (NOR) vs. Balonmano Bera Bera (ESP) 29:21 (15:9)

Saturday night the Norwegian champion Larvik celebrated the 200th Europian match in history winning against Bera Bera in Larvik Arena.


It did not take Larvik long to get four goals ahead, and at half time, the Champions League winners from 2011 were leading by six. In the last 30 minutes, the home team concentrated on keeping that distance, and young talents were given the chance on the court towards the end, but still Larvik had no trouble winning by eight.


Larvik HK (NOR): Sulland 11, Hammerseng-Edin 4, Koren Riegelhuth 4, Breivang 3, Loke 3 , Mörk 2, Mörk 2, Bjaaland, Hasanic, Johansen, Kristiansen, Kristiansen, Lund, Rantala, Stange

Balonmano Bera Bera: Elorza Eguiara 8,Menendez Martinez 5, Ziarsolo Areitioaurtena 3, Pinedo Saenz 2, Cardoso de Castro 1, Etxeberria Martinez 1, Nuñez Nistal 1, Acuna Martínez, Arizaga Iribarren, Arrojeria, Dunay, Ederra Urra, Ezkurdia, Temprano Fernandez

Group A

Victory that took Györ in the main round

Györi Audi ETO (HUN) vs. Thüringer HC (GER) 29:22 (13:11)

With 4 wins out of 4 Györ showed who is the best from Group A. After all Györ won after the tough first half. Although their best scorer Sonja Frey was not in shape this match, the German team in the first half had a lead of 3 goals few times, and only when Györ was with six field players against four towards the end of the first half – for a few seconds even six against three – did the hosts manage to create a two goal lead at half time.


In the second half, though, there was no doubt who were the better team, and with a magnificent Katrine Lunde Haraldsen in goal and fine attacking performances by Anita Görbicz and Katarina Bulatovic, the home team could increase their lead to seven goals at the end.

Katarina Bulatovic scored seven times for Györ, while Thüringer HC had the most scoring player of the match, as Cabral Barbosa hit eight times.

Györi Audi ETO KC: Bulatovic 7, Görbicz 6, Amorim 4 , Loke 4, Bognar-Bodi 2, Szepesi 2, Boczko-Hornyak 1, Kovacsics 1, Orban 1, Redei-Soos 1, Herr, Hornyak, Korsos, Lunde, Sirian, Tervel

Thüringer HC: Cabral Barbosa 8, Jakubisova 3, Luzumova 3, Snelder 3, Engel 2, Gros 2, Wohlbold 1, Frey, Krause, März, Mietzner, Smeets

Buducnost Podgorica increased the chances for the first two places in the group

Buducnost Podgorica (MNE) vs FC Midtjylland (DEN) 22:15 (12:10)

After three wins in a row FC Midtjylland on Sunday had the first defeat in the Champions League. Away against Buducnost 22-15.

With just a draw had the Danish champions would have been sure to proceed from the tournament’s first group stage and secure a place among the tournament’s top eight teams. But after an excellent Danish first half, which ended 12-10 for the home team, FCM game collapsed in the last 30 minutes.
FCM were only behind 13-12 early in the second half, but then the Danes were hit by a double two minute suspension penalty, and with a great 6-0 series Buducnost came to 19-12.

bud. mit

A sea of errors in the Danish attacking play was the main reason for the collapse, which does leave good chances to FCM for the race to go ahead in the next stage. FCM has yet to meet Hungarian Ferencvaros.
If all three teams have equal points, the mutual goal difference determines which two of the three teams would go on, and with a defeat in Montenegro with seven goals FC Midtjylland now put great pressure on themselves in the away game in Hungary on Saturday.

At FC Midtjylland most inspired was Stine Jørgensen, while Milena Knezevic and great goalkeeper Clara Woltering were strong and stable leaders of the Montenegrins.

Another results of the 4th round:

RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs. Metz Handball (FRA) 27:21 (13:11)
Hypo Niederösterreich (AUT) vs. HCM Baia Mare (ROU) 23:20 (16:10)
MKS Selgros Lublin (POL) vs FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN) 24:26 (12:15)
IK Sävehof (SWE) vs HC Leipzig (GER) 30:23 (14:13)