Day 2 7.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

Montenegro 24:22 Korea (11:11)

The Montenegrin National team ended with a starting victory against Korea 24:22 (11:11) after a great match, as expected, in the Belgrade “Pionir” hall in the duel of the European and Asian Champion. The players of head coach Dragan Adzic, arrived to a triumph in the last minute of the match, when they managed to withstand the pressure of the Korean girls that were all over the court and make a goal for the final 24:22 from a seven meter shoot by Katarina Bulatovic. The Korean head coach Lim Yung Chul, atypically, called for a time out already in the third minute, on the result 1:0 for Montenegro. That had a great outcome on his players, led by great Woo, that at a certain point had a three points advantage 6:3. The Montenegrin team payed back using their greatest stars, Katarina Bulatovic and Milena Knezevic with a series 4:0 (7:6), and until the end of the first half, they played goal by goal – 11:11. In the second halftime on the Montenegrin goal Sonja Barjaktarovic was present, that gave confidence to their players after a few great defences. Some of those in the first minutes gave the first advantage to the Montenegrin team, on which the head coach of the Korean team Lim Yung Chul had to react with a timeout on the 43rd minute (16:13). That launched the Asians, that came back to the battle on the 55th minute, when the head coach of Montenegro, Dragan Adzic, had to call his players for a tactic, on the result of 21:21. The Montenegrin lead again with two goals of advantage 23:21 using their best, Katarina Bulatovic and Milena Knezevic. The Koreans, however had two chances to come back to an even, but they failed on the two seven-meters throws. One was saved by Marina Vukcevic, and the second one ended on the goalpost. This was not the end either. Great pressure from the Koreans in the last minute, led to a mistake for Montenegro, and 30 seconds before the end the Asians were one point closer – 23:22. However, there was not enough strenght to stop another offence. Katarina Bulatovic scored the last point for 24:22. The best players in the winning team was Katarina Bulatovic with seven and Milena Knezevic with six, and for the Koreans, Woo with eight goals.


Montenegrin NT head-coach Dragan Adžić:

I am happy with the way we opened the World Championships. The Korean team plays a very aggressive defense that we don’t play against very often. I must point out that I am very proud with the way my team played and that we won two points. The Korean team plays the best aggressive defense in the world, so in the first half we had to feel how they play and find a way to break their defense. We expected that it would be tough but in the end we pulled through and won. Tomorrow we play against Congo. Up until now I haven’t had a chance to see them play, but I will devise a tactic for our game after their match with France.

Biljana Pavićević, player of Montenegro:

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Korean team for the excellent match and a quality game. I would also like to congratulate my team because I think we played phenomenally. We did everything our couch told us to do and in the end we won two points which is very important. Now we think about Congo and I hope that we will win that match as well.

Korean NT coach Young Chul Lim:

First of all congratulations to the team from Montenegro. I know they won a silver medal in London, so we knew they would be hard to beat. The first match is always difficult, so it will be different starting from tomorrow.

Day 2 7.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

France 31:13 Congo (15:6)

The French national team, as expected, had an easy and convincing victory against the national team of Kongo 31:13 (15:6) in the second match of Group A in the “Pionir”hall in Belgrade. The girls of head coach Alain Portes did not allow the players of Kongo to even think about a possible surprise. The multiple World Champions had a great start with a good defence, which was possible to see in the result (5:1 in the 11th minute). That was the case until the end of the first half-time, in which the Africans managed to give only six goals (15:6) The rest of the match was more relaxed from both sides, and the head coach Portes game a chance to all the players. The most efficient French player was Siraba Dembele with five goals, whereas in the defeated team, Mwases was more efficient – having more than half of the goals of her team – 8.

Post match

Alain Portes, French coach:

I would like to congratulate our opponent and as well as Christianne Mwasesa Mwange, who is playing in our country and was fantastic. At the beginning we were nervous, made mistakes and had bad passes and shots. In contrast, in the second half, we changed our minds and excelled. I’m so happy that young players succeeded in entering the national team and had such great success.

Alice Leveque, player

I am so happy that we started the Championship with success. Every player contributed to this victory. Our first game in this Championship is so special because we didn’t have any experience. This win is good for our confidence and we know we did our best. I would like to thank our opponent for the fantastic game and hope they have success in their other matches.

Celestin Mpoua, Congo coach:

I would like to congratulate the team from France. It’s a good team and had a great start. They now have a good position in the Championship and will probably have

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Christianne Mwasses Mwange, player:

This is our first World Competition. France is a great team and has more experience. I would like to thank them for a good game and wish them good luck in the future.

Day 2 7.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

The Netherland 44:21 Dominican Republic (20:9)

The Dutch national team finished their first match in the Group A in Belgrade with a convincing victory over the Dominican Republic 44:21 (20:9). Since the beginning, it was clear that the European national team is in a great quality advantage over their rival. Already after 13 minutes, the score was 9:2, and the Dutch head coach Henk Groener, put to rest the key players in order to make the other ones play before the important match against Korea in the second round on Sunday. The most efficient in the winning team was Lynn Knippenborg with nine goals, whereas in the Dominican Republic Johanna Pimentel stood out with six goals.

NED NETHERLANDS 1 1 0 0 44 21 23 2
FRA FRANCE 1 1 0 0 31 13 18 2
MNE MONTENEGRO 1 1 0 0 24 22 2 2
COD CONGO 1 0 0 1 13 31 -18 0
KOR SOUTH KOREA 1 0 0 1 22 24 -2 0
DOM DOMINICAN R. 1 0 0 1 21 44 -23 0