Day 6
11.12.2013, Group B, Nis

Brazil 24:20 Japan (12:8)

The Brazilian national team earned one of the first three places in the Group B in Nis with the victory against Japan 24:20 (12:8), before the continuation to the eight finals of the competition. The players chosen by head coach Mortena Soubaka were leading during the duration of the whole match, and were not allowed to ease up for even a moment against the Asian team, that were seeking for a chance to surprise them and earn some points for the ranking in the eight finals.

The Japanese team was close for the last time in the 44th minute on 16:14, but a series of scores by Amorim, Nascimento and other experienced players of the best South American team, in the 51st minute led them to an advantage of + 6 – 21:15, after which the winner of the duel was not in doubt.

In the last round the Brazilian team will play aganst Denmark, and that match could be decisive of the first place in the group, whereas Japan will be in a battle against Algeria for the fourth place in the group.

Statements after the match:

Takahashi Megumi (JPN player):

“We have to play one more match in the group phase and we hope we will qualify to the next round.”

Eduarda Amorim (BRA player):

“We won because of our good defence. We are happy for winning two points.”

Kuriyama Masamichi (JPN coach):

“Congratulations to Brasilian team on the victory. We played against one of the best teams in the world. I am satisfied with our defence.”

Morten Soubak (BRA coach):

“We had to be very patient in this match. Japan had a strong defence, so we had to use different tactics.”

Day 6
11.12.2013, Group B, Nis

China 27:25 Algeria (14:15)

In the duel of the two teams without points in the Group B in Nis, the Chinese team defeated Algeria 27:25 (14:15) after a great fight. The Chinese team can still hope to qualify for the eight finals if they win against Serbia in the last round, if the host loses against Denmark. In the doubtful match in the “Cair”hall, the Algerians had initiative during the whole match, last advantage in the 49th minute (24:23), but in the last ten minutes China outplayed with a better defence game and managed to get to valuable points…

The most efficient in Chine was Wang with 13 goals, whereas Tizi in Algeria had seven.

Day 6
11.12.2013, Group B, Nis

Serbia 23:22 Denmark (12:12)

The Serbian national team defeated Denmark 23:22 (12:12) in the fourth round of the Group B in Nis after a great fight. More than 4000 spectators in “Cair”helped the local girls triumph, after which it’s clear that Serbia will be second or third at the end of the preliminarty phase, depending of the outcome of the match Brazil – Denmark in the last round. Serbia celebrated Katarina Tomasevic, the defender of the net of the national team, which with her saves in the last phase of the match, prevented a result turnover, and with the save from the Burgard shot in the last seconds of the match and directly influenced the outcome of the match.

The significance of the match was felt by the Serbian players, which managed to score their first goal only after eight minutes (1:3). Compared to the match against Brazil, the Captain of the Serbian team, Andrea Lekic, was leading the attack during the duration of the whole match and was the most efficient player at the end of the match with six goals. The lead was exchanged multiple times by the two national teams, but Serbia had the greatest advantage of +3 (10:7 and 11:8), after which there was a downturn that allowed the score to be 12:12 at the end of the first half-time.

In the second halftime there was a result seesaw up until the 45th minute, when the Danish Fisker and Burgard managed to arrive to +2 – 17:19, that made the head coach of the Serbian team Sasa Boskovic ask for a time-out. That had an effect, there was a series of 5:0 for Serbia up to the 54th minute, when the Danish head coach Jan Pitlik called for a minute of break.

The Serbian girls did not use the two attacks on +4 in the 54th inute (22:19) that was the beginning of the uncertainty of the end of the match. The last goal for Serbia was scored by Andrea Lekic three minutes before the end (23:20). In the last two minuted, the Danish girls entered with one more player compared to Serbia, and reduced the advantage to 23:21, Fisker score the last point for the final 23:22 only 50 seconds before the end of the match.

The Serbian team did not successfully use the attack of Filipovic, but the shoot from Burgard in the last seconds of the duel was stopped by the hero of the match, Katarina Tomasevic.

Statements after the match:

Line Anna Ryborg Jorgensen (DEN player):

“I am sorry that we lost. We’ll try to prepare for the match against Brasil in two days.”

Jelena Erić (SRB player):

“I want to thank the Danish team on a great match. Congratulations. The score was very tight throughout the whole match. Good luck in the next phase of the tournament.”

Jan Pytlick (DEN coach):

“Congratulations to Serbia. A lot of energy was put in this match. Denmark was better in the first and at the beginning of the second halftime, but in the end Serbian team took the lead. There were a lot of spectators who supported the Serbian girls. We gained some experience tonight. We’ve still got a chance to win this group.”

Saša Bošković (SRB coach):

“I felt like we played the final. I’m satisfied with the result. We’re heading to the 1/8 final.”