Day 7
12.11.2013, Group C, Zrenjanin

Spain 29:9 Paraguay (14:0)

The Spanish national team routinely defeated Paraguay 29:9 (14:0) in the fourth round of the group C in Zrenjanin, with the third continuous triumph after the initial defeat by Norway. The match in the Zrenjanin “Kristalna dvorana” will be remembered for the fact that the first goal from the cute Paraguay players was achieved only in the 33rd minute, when Spain had an advantage of 15:0!

In the second half the focus of Spanish defense eased, and the Paraguay girls managed to chance the final score. The most efficient with four goals were, on one side Aguilar and Lopez, whereas in the Paraguay team it was Faria.

Statements after the match:

Spanish NT coach Jorge Duenas de Galarca:

I congratulate Paraguay on a well played match, especially in the second half. We were convincing in the first half of game and in the other we already started to focus on our next match.

Paraguy NT headcoach Ruben Subelida:

I am ashamed of the first half when we didn’t score any goal. In the dressing room we agreed how we must play and that we mustn’t give up. We had to show that we have heart and that we didn’t come on this World Championship without a reason.

Day 7
12.11.2013, Group C, Zrenjanin

Norway 26:21 Angola (12:9)

The World Champions, the Norwegians, for the fourth time proudly walked out of the “Kristalna dvorana”. In the fourth round Norway defeated Angola 26:21 (12:9), but aside the eight points, the first place in the group is not ensured yet. The match against the Polish team will decide the final placement in the Group D.
The Africans were in lead only in the start – 2:0, to be behind for the rest of the match, however the team of Toriro Hergeirson could not relax until the very end.

The Norwegian team was leading in the 37th minute 14:12, and the defense of the Angolan team was broken just ten minutes before the end of the match on the result 23:16. The most efficient in the winning team were Loke, Nostvold and Hammerseng-Edin with five goals each, whereas Kiala led Angola with six goals.

Statements after the match:

Norwegian head-coach Thorrir Hergeirsson:

– I like the way Angola plays. It is an interesting handball, very energetic and fast with a different kind of defense. We don’t play often with these teams. This was an interesting experience for us. I hope they will represent African handball in a good way. I was pretty sure we would win, but therefore it was a new experience.

Angola coach Vivaldo Francisko Eduardo:

– I congratulate Norway, the best team in the world. We played good and I am very proud. It was hard to play a game, but I am very happy because of the way we opposed our opponent.

Day 7
12.11.2013, Group C, Zrenjanin

Poland 31:17 Argentina (14:9)

The Polish national team had the third victory in the fourth match in the Group D in Zrenjanin. The Polish team defeated Argentina without many problems 31:17 (14:9) and confirmed their qualification in the eight finals even before the last match against Norway on Friday. The players of head coach Kim Rasmusen showed that they had a better team formation already in the first minutes on 6:1.

The Argentine did not raise the white flag, and were fighting until the middle of the second half time. The South American girls had their last chance in the 39th minute on the score 18:14, followed by a decline.

In the Polish team the most efficient was Wojtas with eight goals, whereas Mendoza led the Argentine team with six goals.

Statements after the match:

Polish head-coach Kim Rasmussen:

– We’re very happy because we qualified to the 16 best teams at the championship with this win. I am impressed with the game Argentina played and the way they fight. I believe they’ll be better in the future. The game was tough and we were favorites. We won, but it wasn’t easy

Argentinian head-coach Eduardo Peruchena:

– I congratulate Poland on the qualification to the eight of finals. I expect that with this kind of game they’ll get far at the World Championship. We made a lots of mistakes and that’s the reason why the score difference is bigger than it could be. We don’t have a chance to play with European teams, like Polish team, very often so it is a great experience for us.