Day 7
12.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Czech Republic 34:10 Australia (25:4)

In the first match of the day in the fourth round of the Group D in Novi Sad, the Czech national team had the second victory, which means a qualification in the eight finals. The Czech girls were convincing against Australia 34:10 (25:4). The Czech lead of 5:0 in the ninth minute was decisive of the outcome of the match in the “Spens” duel. The difference in quality was visibly quite quickly, and the fans were able to enjoy in the easy goals of the European team, which after a qualification on the second round of the EURO 2012 in Belgrade, is showing once again that their stay in Serbia leads to success…

The most efficient in the Czech team was Crhiva with eight goals, whereas in the Australian team Boyd had three…

Statements after the match:

Jason HOPPNER, Australian coach

Congratuations to Czech Republic and I wish them all the best in the turnament. It was big chelenge today. We wanted to change all players because they were tired. It has been long turnament and it is hard to play so many games. Our girls are not profesional players and they did not have time to rest. The score was always on the side of Czech team. We wish them all the best in the future.

Daniela Borelli COOK, Australian player

We wish all the best Czech Republic. We wanted to change as much player as it is posible, because they haven’t been rested. We did what we wonted for this match.

Jan BASNY, Czech Republic coach

I am very happy we made it to the last round of turnament. I am very satisfied with girls. From begining of game there was no doubt of victory.

Martina CRHOVA, Czech Republic player

Our main task was to have good defense. We tried our best and we crossed another step of the tournament. We are very happy that we made it.

Day 7
12.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Germany 26:20 Tunisia (10:11)

The German national team continues their series of victory on the World Championship in Serbia. The Bronze team of the 2007 WC confirmed their great ambitions in this tournament against Tunisia 26:20 (10:11) in Novi Sad. The African team confirmed once again that have a great quality team and that they can fight against the European teams, and that the Germans did not allow an uncertain finish, like the one the Tunisian team had in the duel against Germany.

The series 7:1 that allowed the Germans with 15:13 arrived to 22:14 in the 51st minute was decisive for the match. The most efficient in the winning team were Loerper (6) and Kethorn (5), whereas the Africans had Chebbah as the best shooter with six goals.

The first place in the group will be decided by the result of the match against the Netherlands in the last round on Friday.

Statements after the match:

Heine JENSEN, Germany coach

The game was difficult as we expected. Tunisia played fast all 60 minutes, they did not stope even when we were 7 goals ahead, it was difficult for us to finish the game. In the second half our attack was good and in first half we had good defense. Tunisa team were playing very good first half. I am very satisfied that we won.

Anna LOERPER, Germany player

I am happy that we won important 2 points against Tunisia team. . They are very good team. In first half we had problems with them, but in second was much better.

Paulo Jorge DE MOURA PEREIRA, Tunisian coach

Germany is great team. I am very proud of the girls, specially of the younger ones. The youngest girl is 17 years old. My team is happy. We enjoy this game, and we are happy that we played against great team. Congartulate to German team.

Noura BEN SLAMA, Tunisian player

Germany is great team, phisically much better than us. Consearning our preparatinos for this tournament we played great game.

Day 7
12.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Romania 21:17 Tunisia (8:10)

The Romanian national team defeated Hungary 21:17 (8:10) in the neighborhood derby in front of 5000 spectators in the Novi Sad “SPENS” and with that complicated the situation at the top of the Group D before the last round, where the team of Gheorghe Tadici will meet with the Czech team, and the Hungarians will meet with Germany. In this very exciting duel the two teams rich of handball tradition, the second part of the match belonged to the Romanians.

After the difference of two points on the half time and backlog (11:14) in the 41st minute, the Romanians made a series of 4:0 with a great defense play and since then they were leading the match. In the winning team nobody stood out score-wise, Cristina Neagu had four goals, whereas Anita Gorbicz led the Hungarian team with seven goals.

Statements after the match:

Gheorghe TADICI, Romanian coach

I am very happy because of victory. My team worked very hard and strong. We played with respect to Hungary team, they create us big problems. We did not forgot goal keeper Kiss from the last year. She is great player. Congratulate to Hungary, especially to the coach. I hope that we will reach as it is possible.

Andreea Oana MANEA, Romanian player

Congratulation to Hungary for the way they fight. Congratulation my colegs who fight all game long. We wished this victory.

Janos HAJDU, Hungary coach

I would like to congratulate to Romania. They had good defense. In the game like this it is not possible to win with 17 points. We were playing good. We lost bettle not the war. We will work on for the upcoming gaims.

Eva KISS, Hungary player

I am sorry that we could not win in front of such a great audience. We are going to win tomorrow.