Day 8 13.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

South Korea 22:27 France (11:10)

One of the matches with the greatest quality in the preliminary phase of the competition in the World Championship in Serbia, was seen in the Belgrade “Pionir, where France confirmed their great game by ranking first in their Group A. The multiple World Champions defeated Korea 27:22 (11:10) and they will be playing against Japan in the eight finals. The fight between those two great teams was present until the very end. The Koreans were leading 17:14 in the 43rd minute, followed by a French Series 4:0 (18:17). The deuce seen in the 50th minute (20:20), when Lacrabere and Pineau broke the defense of the rival with a series of 4:0.

Day 8 13.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

Netherlands 27:25 Montenegro (18:14)

The Montenegrin national team ended the preliminary phase of the World Championship in Belgrade with a victory. In the last of the 75 matches of the first stage of the competition, the European Champions defeated the Netherlands 27:25 (14:18) in the Belgrade “Pionir”, ranking second in the Group A. After a weak first half time, the players of head coach Dragan Adzic had a turnover in their favour and are now going against Denmark in the eight finals.

Day 8 13.12.2013, Group A, Belgrade

Dominican Republic 22:23 Congo (13:15)

The National team DR Cong had the greatest success in their handball history with a victory on the World Championship against the Dominican Republic 23:22 (15:13). The duel between the two teams that did not have any points, was won by the African team that will fight for the 17-21st place, where they will be meeting with the team from China. The Dominican Republic will face Algeria in the battle for the 21-24th place.

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FRA FRANCE 5 5 0 0 125 80 45 10
MNE MONTENEGRO 5 4 0 1 135 92 43 8
KOR SOUTH KOREA 5 3 0 2 158 117 41 6
NED NETHERLANDS 5 2 0 3 147 121 26 4
COD CONGO 5 1 0 4 86 155 -69 2
DOM DOMINICAN R. 5 0 0 5 92 178 -86 0