Day 8
13.12.2013, Group B, Nis

Algeria 23:32 Japan (12:16)

The Japanese national team had a triumph over Algeria 32:23 (16:12) that confirmed the fourth place in the Group B in Nis, the girls from the country of the rising sun will that will play against the best team from the Group A. The Japanese team, after China, were confidently ruling on the court against the weakest team in the group, that will remain in Nis, where the “Presidential Cup”will be played on Sunday and Monday.
The most efficient in the Japanese team was Fuji and Hara with six goals each, and Tizi was again the most precise in the Algerian team with eight goals.
Algeria will face the Dominican Republic for the battle of the 21-24th place.

Statements after the match:


Souad Titou (ALG player):

“It was a really hard match. We lost because we had some difficulties in our counter-attacks.”

Takahashi Megumi (JPN player):

“I am happy that we qualified to the next round. We will have to play more agressive because we will play against the best team from group A.”

Abdelkrim Aimer (ALG coach):

Congratulations to the Japan team. It’s my pleasure to participate on this Championship and we can learn a lot.”

Kuriyama Masamichi (JPN coach):

“Today we learned a lot. We have to play more agressive in the next phase of the competition.”

Day 8
13.12.2013, Group B, Nis

Brazil 23:18 Denmark (14:9)

The Brazilian national team defeated another leading European team. After Serbia, the Brazilians defeated Denmark 23:18 (14:9) in the last match of the preliminary phase in Nis, confirming the high ambitions on this year’s World Championship. The players of head coach Morten Soubak, showed their wish to become first in their group since the beginning of the tournament, which is guaranteeing for an easier rival in the eight finals.

The initial lead of 9:2 showed how would the rest of the match look like. The Brazilians had the great Arenhart in the goal, which with the 17 saves was the greatest obstacle for a turnover of the agile Danish girls.

At the end, the Brazilian team had the greatest possible result with five out of five wins in Nis, earning the first place. Serbia is second, Denmark third and Japan fourth…
Statements after the match:

Rikke Vestergaard Poulsen (DEN player):

“This was a very difficult match. It was hard for us to score.”

Alexandra Nascimento (BRA player):

“The Danish team is famous for their fast breakthroughs. We succeded in scoring goals.”

Jan Pytlick (DEN coach):

Congratulations to Brazilian team. The Brazilian goalkeeper and defence were incredible. We had some problems in attack and defence.”

Morten Soubak (BRA coach):

“I am satisfied with the game. We had successful attack and defence.”

The most efficient in Chine was Wang with 13 goals, whereas Tizi in Algeria had seven.

Day 8
13.12.2013, Group B, Nis

Serbia 32:18 China (19:10)

The Serbian national team had another routinely victory against China 32:18 (19:10) on the last match in front of the Nis fans in the “Cair” hall. In the match of these two teams with great quality difference, the great play of the players of head coach Sasa Boskovic did not leave any hope for the Chinese team to get some points. Jovana Risovic was great in the defence (14 saves), Andrea Lekic was successful with eight goals, Jelena Popovic with six. In the Chinese team Wang had six goals.
The Chinese players are staying in Nis where they will be playing the “Presidential Cup”for the placement 17-21st place against Congo. The Serbian rival will be knows after the end of the other matches.
Statements after the match:

Li Jao (CHN player):

“We know that we are not on the level of European teams, but we are here to learn.”

Jelena Popović (SRB player):

“I’m glad that we finished the group phase with a victory. Our coach gave everyone a chance to play. It was a pleasure to play in front of the amazing Niš spectators.”

Lei Jun (CHN coach):

“Congratulations to Serbia. We lost because our team is young and we are here to learn from other teams.”

Saša Bošković (SRB coach):

“We played well. We still don’t know who we are going to play against in the 1/8 final.”

BRA BRAZIL 5 5 0 0 142 102 40 10
SRB SERBIA 5 4 0 1 140 105 35 8
DEN DENMARK 5 3 0 2 151 112 39 6
JPN JAPAN 5 2 0 3 136 131 5 4
CHN CHINA 5 1 0 4 114 168 -54 2
ALG ALGERIA 5 0 0 5 102 167 -65 0