Day 8 13.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Tunisia 24:15 Australia (12:8)

The Tunisian national team had the introduction victory on the end of the preliminary phase of the competition of the World Championship in Serbia. In the first match of the fifth round of the Group D in Novi Sad, the African team was better than Australia 24:15 (12:8). That was a chance for both Tunisia and Australia, which will not participate in the eight finals of the 2013 WC, and will fight for a better raking in the “President Cup”, competition for the team ranking from 17th to 24th that is taking place on Sunday and Monday in Nis.
The Africans were in lead during the whole 60 minutes, and had a quite convincing victory at the end, however the Australians also showed a great improvement compared to some previous Championships. Until the 49th minute (19:14) there was a result uncertainty, but with a series of goals from the Tunisian girl it was certain who would be the winner.
The most efficient in the winning team was Dhaouadi with six goals, whereas Potocki led Australia with seven…
Statements after the match:
Paulo Jorge DE MOURA PEREIRA, Tunisian coach
It is good to be first coach to talk. If we played like in this game we would always win. We wanted lot to win in this game. When we do 2 games, one of them is always tence, that was game we played yesterday. We do not have a lot of players because of the injury. I saw Australian team in 2009 China, they are totally different team now. They grew up a lot. Congratulations to Australia.
Echraf ABDALLAH, Tunisian player
Today was good match but we played better. We have young players with good future.
Jason HOPPNER , Australian coach
Congratulations to Tunisia. Of all teams I saw on competition, if Tunisia was in an other group they would certainly go to the next round. I wish them all the best. We are happy to save goal difference at 10. We need to shoot more and our attack was not soo good. We want to win against Paraguay. I am relatively satisfied.
Rosaile BOYD, Australian player
We came to win this match, so we could play against better teams. It was challenge because Tunisia is young team. We wish all the best to the Tunisian team.

Day 8 13.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Germany 27:26 Hungary (14:16)

The German national team will play against Angola in the eight finals. In the derby for the first place in the Novi Sad “SPENS”, the German team defeated Hungary in the nerve wrecking end of the match 27:26 (14:16). Anita Gerbic (score 12 goals) was the decisive player of the match, that missed the seven meter shoot for the deuce eight seconds before the end of the match. That’s how the players of German head coach Haine Hansen became first in the group with five victories.
The German players were led once again by Suzan Muller with 13 goals…
Statements after the match: Janos HAJDU, Hungary coachI would like to congratulate Germany on this victory. I believe it was a good match with good dynamics. This match was a good preparation for the next round. I decided to take Viktoria REDEI-SOOS to this conference because when she entered the game we started to play much faster. We are looking forward to the next game. Viktoria REDEI-SOOS, Hungary player I would like to congratulate German team. We made a lot of mistakes and we should learn from them. We will prepare for the next game. Heine JENSEN , German coach I have seen very good match between two good teams who know each other well. I think it was very interesting for the spectators. Goal difference was always 1 or 2. We have won with a little luck and a lucky penalty save by Clara Woltering. I am happy we managed to win all 5 games. Next round it is all starting from zero. You can win or you can lose and go home. Anja ALTHAUS, German player I am very happy we won. It was very hot and good game. We have a lot of young players and this game is a big step for us. We are looking forward for the next game.

Day 8 13.11.2013, Group D, Novi Sad

Romania 29:23 Czech Republic (14:7)

The Romanian national team conquered the second place in the Group D in Novi Sad. The Romanians in the last match of the fifth round in “Spens” defeated the Czech team 29:23 (14:7) and confirmed their good shape after an important triumph against Hungary on Thursday.
After 35 minutes, the players of head coach Gheorghe Tadici were leading 19:7, when it was clear who was the winner….
Statements after the match: Gheorghe TADICI, Romanian coachCongratulations to Czech Republic on qualification to the next round and also to my team. Game had two different halves. I think that both teams preserved force for the next matches. It was nice game and it is very important that there were no injuries. We will concentrate on the next games. Aurelia BRADEANU, Romanian player

I am happy we won. From now on it would be more difficult. We tried to play with all the players. There were two different halves. It is important that we won because of the good moral for tomorrow.

Jan BASNY, Czech Republic coach

It was very difficult game. In first 30 minutes we missed a lot of shots, that is why it was difficult

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to close the game in second half. Romania is very experienced team and it was so difficult to come back in the game.

Petra VITKOVA, Czech Republic player

It was not good game for us, we lost so many chances and we have to learn from this game. We will give everything in the next round and we will fight for the best possible score.

GER GERMANY 5 5 0 0 152 116 36 10
ROU ROMANIA 5 4 0 1 132 96 36 8
HUN HUNGARY 5 3 0 2 143 114 29 6
CZE CZECH REPUBLIC 5 2 0 3 144 135 9 4
TUN TUNISIA 5 1 0 4 109 122 -13 2
AUS AUSTRALIA 5 0 0 5 68 165 -97 0