Sunday,22 December

Belgrade, (Kombank Arena)

17:15 Serbia SRB vs. BRA Brazil

The Brazilian national team in front of 20.000 spectators in the crowded Kombank Arena managed to defeat the national team of Serbia and to become the first national team from South America that won the golden medal and become Women`s World Handball Champion. The amazing Brazilian girls from whom the biggest part plays in great European teams, led by the Danish Morten Soubak managed to finish this championship without being defeated and deserved to win the golden medal.


The biggest part of the first half pass in an equalised game. Both of the teams,impressed by the importance of the match made a lot of mistakes in the attack and did not managed to make significant difference. Brazil had the initial advantage of the match and in the 4th minute had a lead of 3:5. But the team of Serbia had an amazing collaboration especially between the backs and the line player Cvijic that scored 5 goals in the first half. Therefore Serbia managed to make a 3-0 run and in the 12th minute turned the result 6:5. That was a sign for the Brazilian coach to call a time-out. Serbia mentained the difference of 1/2 goals difference until the 20th minute of the first half, when the Brazilian girls got back in game. With the goal of Nunes and the three of Nascimento Brazil had a lead 10:13 in the 28th minute. Until the end of the first half Lekic reduced the result in 11:13.

The team of Serbia had a very bad start of the second half. In the initial 5 minutes they made 4 tecnical mistakes, and that was used by the Brazilian team that with the goal from counterattack of Cavaleiro and the two goals of Amorim had the biggest lead of 5 goals difference 11-16 in the 36th minute. And when everybody thought that Brazil was reaching the gold,slowly but surely,the goalkeeper of Serbia Katarina Tomasevic did not think that way.


In the next few minutes she was making miracles on the goal. She managed to save every strike from the Brazilian team. Meanwhile the Serbian team managed to reduce the high lead. In the 39th minute happend the moment that motivated the most the girls from the Serbian team. The amazing Katarina Tomasevic had the lead role again. She managed to save two seven meter shots in a row in a same action and that was a reason for an explosion in the Kombank Arena. The Serbian girls on the wings of their goalkeeper managed completely to get back in game when in the 55th minute tied the result 19:19. Afterwards succeeded the decisive 5 minutes of the match.

First of all Piedade managed to bring new lead for the Brazilian team 19:20, and the left back Amorim got a two minute suspension. That was a chance for Serbia to strike the final blow. Lekic managed to tie the result from seven meters shot in the 57th minute but Nunes replies scoring for new lead 20:21. Than happened the key moment of the final. The line player from Serbia Cvijic in the 58th minute missed a chance to strike alone from 6 meters, but Rodrigues strikes for 20:22 and decided the winner of the final. Serbia tried to get back in game in the last minute but the time was passing. Brazil is the new Women`s World Handball Champion, first from South America.

Brazilian coach Morten Soubak

We are proud, honored and happy for winning the gold medal. This is the biggest step we could make in the world of handball. We won every game we played it and now played in a fantastic Arena. We managed to handle the pressure which frightened the Polish team in their match with Serbia. We are the new World Champions and that is proof that the gold medalist needn’t be from a European country.

Serbian coach Saša Bošković

Good evening and congratulations to us all for the fantastic game. Brazil was a little bit better than us and deserved the title of champions. I am even more proud of my girls that the Brazilian coach is of his. I am only sorry that we couldn’t win the gold because Ceca, one of my dear girls, is ending her carrier as of now and won’t be playing handball anymore.

MVP of WWCH 2013, Eduarda Amorim

I am really happy for the gold. We dreamed of getting a medal, any medal, but it wasn’t until the second half of tonight’s game that we had the belief that we could capture the gold all for ourselves. Every single one of my teammates deserved this medal and I am proud that we got it.

Andrea Lekić

Good evening and congratulations to the winners. The Brazilian team played on the level and deserved what they got. I am proud of my girls because we trained for this our entire lives. I would also want to thank the Serbian audience because they showed the game in the right light. I will remember this all my life. Also, it was a pleasure to play with Svetlana, she was a tiger on the field and one of the best girls that ever played.

Svetlana Ognjenović

Congratulations to the Brazilian team. They were better and rightfully won their medal. I am sorry we didn’t get the gold but at the same time elated that we managed to win the silver medal.