Today at 18h in Belgrade Arena begun the first semi-final between the host Serbia and the biggest surprise in this competition the team of Poland in front of record breaking 18200 spectators.
The match was played by two completely different teams, highly motivated, fightfull, precise and compact team of Serbia against rash, deconcentrated, overwhelmed, lost team of Poland. Coach Rasmussen did everything in his power, to finally find the recipe on how to break the Serbian defense and outsmart the goalkeeper but his girls could not execute what he said, and finally Serbia won with 24-18.
In the first half almost every Polish attempt to score a goal, ended in the post, by the goal or deflected by great Serbian goalkeeper. Only 6 goals for 30 minutes were a sign that this semifinal will be over before the 60 minutes end. Serbian team did their job in the first half and on the break went with 8 goals difference, 14-6. They only routinely kept their lead in the second half playing with half strength and getting to their first final in a World Championship in style with 24-18 in front of their home spectators.
Fantastic Andrea LEKIC confirmed her nomination for the MVP title scoring 8 goals, and CVIJIC Dragana scored 5 goals for Serbian team, and Karolina SZWED-ORNEBORG scored 4 goals for Poland.

Serbia 24-18 Poland (14-6)
20.12.2013 18:00
Belgrade Arena, Belgrade
Referees: BONAVENTURA Charlotte / BONAVENTURA Julie (FRA)